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4 The Reason For The Thick Epoxy Resin Coating

Jun 16, 2020

  Control of the amount of materials used in the construction of epoxy floors. 1 Too many data matches, exceeding the speed of the construction personnel, additional information will not be available after solidification, which will waste a lot of data, it is conceivable that if an item is the amount of accounting information used as a manual, even more will be added For quantitative consumables, it is also possible to grasp the quantity without information, when the data rate is too much unnecessary. 2 The problem of the psychological concept of the construction personnel, I don’t know the amount of savings. For example, it will be a short action. If a person wants to clean up the data of all the mixing buckets, instead of as a person, free fall, too lazy to organize Under the material, at the bottom of the deposited layer and at least one to two kilograms of such material remains in a bucket at the bottom, which causes it to solidify and pour out, these are for the data source.

   (3) The networking of the parking lot is reflected in the management and control of the parking lot through the network to share data to break the information island, build a smart parking IoT platform, and realize parking space reservation, electronic self-service payment, rapid access and other functions. (4) Customization usually depends on the service object of the parking lot, and the parking lot can be divided into public parking lot, equipped parking lot and special parking lot. Car parks in different application areas also have different requirements on system software and hardware. Taking the parking lot built with commercial real estate as an example, customers generally require the parking lot intelligent management system to be able to access the customer's internal information management system. Epoxy resins meet their customer points management exchange, internal access customer data analysis, and management reports. Management requirements.

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   4. The reason why the coating is too thick is to apply a thin layer of paint on the base coat first, and then apply a thick coat of top coat after a little drying. In order to prevent the occurrence of underbite of epoxy floor, the mixing ratio of base material and epoxy curing agent should be properly controlled to ensure that the coating film formed by epoxy floor paint is fully cross-linked. The time to apply the next coat of paint should also be strictly controlled, and the top coat should be applied after the base coat is cross-linked and dried. It is necessary to appropriately increase the volume ratio of pigments in epoxy primers, and use flake-shaped pigments to enhance the compactness of epoxy primers, to prevent excessive penetration of the epoxy topcoat solvent, which will cause the floor coating to swell and cause biting. .

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   Considering the above aspects, we must use super-flat ground when designing the floor plan. First of all, it is necessary to systematically detect and analyze the flatness and strength of the ground, and then strengthen, super-flat and laser grind the ground, so that all aspects of the ground can meet the needs of air-cushion vehicles. As the current high-standard and high-standard floor construction process in the world, super-flat floor greatly improves the flatness and wear resistance of the ground, in addition to extending the service life of the ground, especially in logistics storage and Air cushion cars and other places that have extremely high requirements for ground flatness play a great advantage.

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       Base oil, moisture and other current problems, because the compatibility of the floor paint coating with water, oil, etc. is very poor, which can make the floor paint difficult to complete, even if it was completed at that time, but due to the dirt on the surface of some base layers, The adhesion of the floor paint coating to the substrate surface is very poor, and it is easy to fall off, thereby shortening the service life of the floor paint. In addition, in the presence of dust and sand on the base surface, if the base surface treatment is ignored, pitting will occur, which will increase the weight of the floor coating and will cause a large loss of the floor coating, which will seriously affect the ground. Pingqi appearance. When the local surface is uneven, with pits, pores, etc., attention should be paid to the treatment of the base surface, otherwise it will seriously affect the appearance quality of the floor coating.