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7 Advantages Of Epoxy Resin Flooring Are Favored By All Walks Of Life

Jun 02, 2020

 The epoxy resin floor paint is a bright surface on the ground after the epoxy resin and the curing agent are cured, a thin coating type with a general thickness of 0.5 mm, a self-leveling type of 2-5 mm with solvent type and solventless type Oxygen resin floor mortar type, epoxy floor antistatic type. Epoxy resin flooring has been widely used in various industries since its introduction in China, and has played a role in the production of various enterprises with excellent performance.

  Application scope of epoxy resin floor:

  Cement or terrazzo floor of workshops of manufacturing plants of electrical appliances, electronics, machinery, food, medicine, chemicals, tobacco, beverages, textiles, clothing, furniture, plastics, cultural and sports goods, etc.

  Performance characteristics:

  Epoxy resin floor paint has strong acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance, pressure resistance, impact resistance, mildew resistance, waterproof, dustproof, anti-slip, antistatic, electromagnetic wave and other characteristics, bright and diverse colors, easy to clean. It uses a one-time coating process, no matter how large the area is, there is no connection seam, and it is also a dust-free material with strong adhesion, abrasion resistance, and strong hardness.

  It is a dense three-dimensional cross-linked coating formed by special epoxy resin with appropriate solvent, filler, surfactant and pigment as the main agent, and modified fatty amine as the curing agent under normal temperature conditions. have:

  1. Good wear resistance

  2. Good anti-rolling performance

  3. Excellent anti-permeability

  4. Anti-corrosion performance under moderate conditions

  5. Good adhesion, to ensure that the coating does not crack or fall off

  6. The appearance is smooth and tidy, easy to clean and maintain,

  7. Lower cost