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A Brief Talk On Fiberglass Mesh

Jun 19, 2020

Glass fiber cloth is widely used in the chemical industry. This is mainly due to the characteristics of glass fiber cloth. First of all, it has good chemical properties, can resist acid and alkali corrosion and waterproof, and is easy to bond with resin to achieve the reinforcement effect. Secondly, the glass fiber cloth is light in weight, good in bending, and not easily deformed. Then it has a long shelf life, which is not easy to mold and insect bites.


Because of these advantages of glass fiber mesh cloth, it is widely used in the following areas:

Fiberglass cloth

1. It is used for the reinforcement of chemical composite materials, such as the manufacture of locomotives, buses and boats. It is used for surface reinforcement. It is commonly called soft steel.

2. It is used for waterproofing and thermal insulation of walls. Compared with traditional cement and marble, it is lighter and easier to transport and install. It is a new material in the construction industry.

3. Used in glass fiber reinforced plastic pipes to strengthen the hardness of the pipe. If the resin is coated on the outside of the glass fiber cloth, its hardness will be increased by hundreds of times