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Advantages And Market Prospects Of Polyurethane Pultruded Doors And Windows

Aug 20, 2020

The polyurethane pultrusion process is a process in which a closed plastic injection box enters the mold and is continuously pulled out and automatically cut off. The entire process is closed, there are no volatile substances, and there is no smell in the factory workshop. This process has been applied in many industries, such as doors and windows, cable trays, trays, main beams of fan blades and other profiles. This process has been relatively mature abroad.

Polyurethane pultruded doors and windows have very good thermal insulation properties, with a thermal conductivity of 7% of ordinary aluminum alloys. In addition to good thermal insulation properties, they also have very good impact resistance. The mechanical properties are very good, better than steel and aluminum, and the density is very high. Low, only one-third of the steel, lighter and more corrosion-resistant. Previously, most doors and windows in the industry were made of unsaturated resin materials. The current door and window profiles have overall mechanical properties, strength, and fire resistance. Corrosion has increased overall.

Compared with traditional wood, polyurethane pultruded doors and windows have higher strength, waterproof and corrosion resistance, no halogen, low toxicity, low combustion smoke density, and very small thermal collision coefficient. Compared with aluminum alloy iron, the mechanical properties of polyurethane composites have a significantly lower density and much better tensile strength than aluminum alloys. In addition, there are many mechanical properties, and the corrosion resistance has been greatly improved.

The advantages of the finished window products made by polyurethane pultrusion have three aspects: door and window profiles, glass and accessories. Whether the quality of the whole window is good or not depends mainly on two factors, window profile and glass. The U value of the entire window mainly depends on the U value of the profile and the U value of the glass. For traditional broken bridge aluminum, the U value is more than 2 or even within the range of 2-4. For polyurethane profiles, the U value is basically lower than 2. Generally between 1 and 2. If you want to create a better U-value of the entire window, relatively speaking, aluminum alloy doors and windows will use glass with a higher U-value, which increases the cost of the entire window. However, if polyurethane pultruded profiles are used, relatively low-cost glass can be used. Therefore, this is an obvious advantage of using polyurethane pultrusion in the cost of the whole window.

In the past two years, polyurethane pultruded doors and windows products have ushered in leap-forward development opportunities in the door and window market due to their extraordinary competitive advantages; three major competitive advantages (1. Compared with traditional steel, aluminum, wood 2 is the strengthening of government supervision and the improvement of standards, which can meet the requirements of environmental protection and energy saving parameters, and 3 is that it meets the individual needs of customers.) Its market share has been rising year by year.

At present, polyurethane pultrusion technology is relatively mature abroad. Foreign advanced technology and equipment are leading the rapid development of pultruded door and window profiles. While producing ahigh-quality products, they are also reducing production costs, increasing operating speeds, and creating healthy and environmentally friendly operations. Effective efforts have been made in environmental aspects.

For example, KraussMaffei from Munich, Germany, specializes in developing high-efficiency polyurethane pultrusion equipment, helping polyurethane profile manufacturers to achieve industrialization and large-scale production, exploring the development of closed-mold injection-type rapid-response pultrusion molding systems, and reducing production costs , Improve the operating speed, create a healthy and environmentally friendly operating environment, while providing technical solutions for the production of new door and window profiles, it also realizes the low heat transfer coefficient, easy coating, high strength and high flame retardancy of new energy-saving doors and windows. Not long ago, KraussMaffei worked with Covestro and Chongqing International to jointly develop energy-saving doors and windows.