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Advantages Of NEWECO Epoxy Resin

Aug 12, 2020

Introduction of epoxy resin board:

The main components of the epoxy resin board are epoxy resin, quartz sand, catalyst, curing agent and pigments, etc., which are made after several high-temperature baking. The same material is used from top to bottom and from the inside to the outside, and the core is integrated and stable. Strong, never break without external impact. Because it is cured and molded at high temperature, the epoxy resin board is extremely difficult to deform under normal temperature.

The difference between epoxy resin board and physical and chemical board:

The physical and chemical board is laminated by surface paper, colored paper, kraft paper or plant fiber and non-corrosive phenolic resin. There is only a thin layer of epoxy resin on the surface, which is corrosion resistant. After the surface is damaged, it cannot be repaired and is not resistant. Corrosive, the surface of the physical and chemical board should not be in direct contact with fire. It will foam and delamination in the case of common high temperatures in the laboratory. Through use and testing, the chemical and physical performance test indicators are inferior to epoxy resin boards to varying degrees. The epoxy resin board is a one-piece core material, the entire board is corrosion-resistant, the surface can be repaired after scratches, high strength, environmental protection, long life, and good appearance of the finished product. It is currently the best product for laboratory countertops.

Application range of epoxy resin board:

Epoxy resin countertops are widely used in different areas of different types of laboratories. From organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry to petrochemical chemistry, pharmacology; from biology, microbiology to hematology, pathology and other scientific laboratories, from fume hoods to central stations, from side tables to sink cabinets, etc. Etc., epoxy resin countertops have won the unanimous recognition of professional users from all walks of life with their excellent quality.

Our product advantages:

High temperature resistance

It can withstand the high temperature that is common in the laboratory, and it is non-flammable, non-foaming, and non-breaking in the open flame.


It has super corrosion resistance to chemical acid and alkali solvents commonly used in the laboratory.

Safety and environmental protection

Non-toxic, odorless, non-burning, and insulating.


Absolutely moisture-proof, no pores, no shedding, no cracking, no deformation.

Surface can be repaired

The material is integrated and transparent, and the damage can be repaired by professionals as new.

Superior price-performance ratio

Long service life, long-lasting and stable quality, and absolute price advantage.