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Advantages Of UV Glue

Jun 02, 2020

Environment safety

● No VOC volatiles, no pollution to ambient air;

● Adhesive ingredients are less restricted or prohibited in environmental regulations;

● No solvent, low flammability


● The curing speed is fast, and the curing can be completed within a few seconds to tens of seconds.

● Can be inspected and transported after curing, saving space

● Advantages of UV adhesive curing at room temperature, saving energy. For example, the energy required to produce 1g of light-curing pressure-sensitive adhesive requires only 1% of the corresponding water-based adhesive and 4% of the solvent-based adhesive. It can be used for materials that are not suitable for high temperature curing. The energy consumed by ultraviolet curing can save energy consumption by 90% compared with thermal curing resin.

● The curing equipment is simple, requiring only lamps or conveyor belts, saving space

● Single component system, no need to mix, easy to use


● For temperature, solvent and moisture sensitive materials can be used

● Control curing, waiting time can be adjusted, curing degree can be adjusted

● Can be applied repeatedly for multiple times of curing

● The UV lamp can be easily installed in the existing production line without major changes