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Advantages Of Water-based Cleaning Agents

Jul 27, 2020

The water-based cleaning agent is a new generation of environmentally friendly water-based cleaning agent developed especially for the high-precision cleaning of metal workpieces in the ancient manufacturing industry. It mainly uses common and public technology to decompose surface active agents, emulsifiers, penetrants, It is composed of solubilizer and anti-hardening agent, and does not contain harmless additives such as chloride, phenol, benzene, formaldehyde, sodium nitrite, etc.; it has super cleaning and penetration, low foaming function, and it can deal with the conventional cleaning agent foam and discomfort It can be used for pressure spray cleaning, or poor oil removal and pollution effects. It is the best choice to replace traditional solvents and water-based cleaning agents. It is non-toxic, harmful and environmentally friendly, and can effectively care for the environment and increase the cost of cleaning.

Water-based cleaning agent

The difference between water-based cleaning agent and oil-based cleaning agent:

  1. The environmentally friendly cleaning agent is water-based and can be miscible with water at any ratio. It can clean the oil on the surface of the metal. It is practically operated by ultrasonic and spray machinery. It can adopt a non-phosphorus formula according to customer requirements. It has short-term anti-rust performance.

  2. The oil-based cleaning agent cannot be used with water. Its characteristic is that it evaporates quickly. Like alcohol, it can remove latex in addition to oil. For cleaning abnormal workpieces, water-based cleaning agents are better than oil-based cleaning agents.

  3. Compared with oil-based cleaning agents, water-based cleaning agents are more environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

Advantages of water-based cleaning agent:

1. Efficient and durable: The water-based cleaning agent contains a PH fluctuation agent, and the PH value can be kept unchanged after temporary use. It is not only possible to prevent the metal erosion caused by the drop of the PH value, but also under the condition of the same concentration multiple It also has a long service life that is 30 to 60% higher than that of traditional water-based metal cleaners. It wastes the cost of replacing the liquid, and can also increase the time for liquid replacement.

2. Super cleanness: Contains ineffective surfactants, which can penetrate into any slight gap that is difficult to clean, quickly peel off the oil and clean it in, freely remove dirt particles, carbon deposits, dirt and grease, no matter it is a rare machine Smooth oil, cutting oil or extremely difficult to clean anti-rust oil, stretch forming oil have excellent cleaning effect, will not cause residues on the surface of the workpiece under natural dryness, especially suitable for fine cleaning.