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[Aerospace] Veelo Technologies Launched A Composite Maintenance Blanket For The Fifth Generation Fighter

Nov 18, 2020

Veelo Technologies has been selected by the U.S. Navy’s Composite Manufacturing Technology Center (CMTC) and Lockheed Martin to use its proprietary heating technology to help reduce costs and increase the output of composite parts that will be composited through its VeeloHEAT Cauls and VeeloHEAT The material maintenance blanket is used for the fifth-generation fighter. The project is being implemented by the Naval Research Office that manages the Naval Manufacturing Technology Program (ManTech).


Veelo Technologies said that VeeloHEAT Cauls can be used for in-situ thermal compaction of composite materials, and VeeloHEAT composite repair blankets can be used for the repair of complex curvature parts. It is said that this maintenance blanket does not need to move the molds used to produce F-35 fighter composite parts to autoclave for processing. For example, on the basis of the existing bagging procedure, the VeeloHEAT roller is added to complete the heating and compaction during the laying process. This step can greatly increase the production volume. Its VeeloHEAT fetal membrane and VeeloHEAT composite maintenance blanket can provide uniform heating, even on the complex geometry of the F-35 fighter. In addition, the composite maintenance blanket cools quickly and can achieve a high degree of uniformity on a large surface. In addition, the VeeloHEAT Caul, which is designed with fluoroelastomer and other materials, can also meet the requirements of a clean room, and can be controlled by an existing thermal bonding machine or a VeeloHEAT controller.