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Analysis Of China's Gelcoat Resin Mall

Jun 06, 2020

Gelcoat resin, a special resin in the unsaturated polyester resin industry, can improve the appearance quality of glass fiber and reinforced unsaturated polyester resin-based glass fiber reinforced plastic products, and maintain the material of the structural layer from external environmental media erosion. Over the years, Kangdasi Chemical Company has found that gel coat resins are increasingly valued and playing an increasingly important role.

Gelcoat resins are used in shipbuilding. The types of gelcoat resins in China continue to expand, and the industry is booming. The continuous improvement in the types and performance of gelcoat resins has led to the continuous expansion of their use. In sanitary ware such as shower trays, bathtubs, countertops, etc., the shipbuilding industry such as yachts, lifeboats, patrol boats, etc. and transportation, construction, billboards, telephone booths and security booths are used in many fields.

Colorful gel coats, the gel coat resins currently produced in China can be divided into o-benzene type, o-benzene (neopentylene glycol type, m-benzene type, m-benzene) neopentyl glycol type and vinyl ester type according to the type of matrix resin . From the appearance color is divided into natural gel coat and colorful gel coat. In the production process of finished products, colorful gel coats are required in most cases. Therefore, colorful gel coat is the main force of the current gel coat resin profession. The colorful gel coat has stable quality, good technical performance and quality assurance for the products produced. It has brand-new characteristics, and Cobbolds thinks it is a solution in a certain sense. However, there are many processes for manufacturing colorful gel coat resins, many influencing factors, and the difficulty of skills. It is often the problem of uneven colors, floating colors, flowering, and inconsistencies between batches.

Gelcoat resins are used for glass fiber reinforced plastic manufacturing. The annual sales of gelcoats of various companies in these years have mostly increased by 10-30%, and the growth has not decreased. It can be seen that the gelcoat market has great potential. With the increase in shopping malls, competition pressure is also increasing. In the future, colorful gel coat resin is a career trend. For the company, it is very necessary to develop low styrene-emission gel coat resin, and it has very important practical significance. The company should improve the appearance quality of the finished product and produce output for customers. Colorful gel coat without color difference.

FRP products, with the increasingly sophisticated basic research skills of FRP, the continuous introduction of foreign advanced equipment and skills, the domestic FRP industry has been rapidly developed, and the types of gel coat resins are constantly expanding. Especially colorful gel coat resin has become the trend of career development in the future.