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Analysis Of Development Prospects Of China's Composite Materials Industry

Jul 28, 2020

China's composite material industry development prospect analysis

In this materialistic age, human affection is trampled, love is trampled, family affection is forgotten, but the mood is complicated and unpredictable. Everyone wears a different mask and plays a different role. In this noisy life, tired and catered. . . Maybe it’s because we don’t dare to face our true self, maybe it’s protecting the most fragile place in our heart, maybe it’s a perfect reflection of ourselves too much, maybe it’s because we all have our own masks, whether it’s gorgeous, happy, kind, sincere, beautiful, and Ugly, good and evil. I asked who did not put on a mask that can be disguised.

So how to gain a foothold in this society, first of all you have to have your own career, have your own independent thinking personality, the success of your career depends on what you choose, if you are still confused at this time, then listen to the compound Can the materials industry satisfy you? The following points are summarized below based on the development prospects of composite materials:

1. Favorable policies guide the healthy and orderly development of the industry

On January 23, 2017, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, in conjunction with the Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Ministry of Finance, compiled the "Guidelines for the Development of New Materials Industry". The "Guidelines" started from breaking through the urgently needed new materials in key application fields, laying out a batch of cutting-edge new materials, Strengthen the construction of a collaborative innovation system for the new material industry, accelerate the initial market cultivation of key new materials, break through the constraints of key processes and special equipment, improve the new material industry standard system, implement the "Internet +" new material action, cultivate superior enterprises and talent teams, and promote new Nine aspects including the development of characteristic clusters of the materials industry have proposed key tasks. As a special guiding policy to guide the development of the new material industry during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, the "Guide" has created a better environment for the development of composite materials and will guide the healthy and orderly development of the composite materials industry.

On April 28, 2017, the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China formally issued the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" for Science and Technology Innovation in the Material Field. Clarified the thinking goals, task layout and key directions of scientific and technological innovation in the material field during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period: the material field will focus on the guiding ideology and overall goals of innovation and development, closely combining the major needs of economic and social development and national defense construction, and focus on the development basis Material technology upgrading and industrial upgrading, strategic advanced electronic materials, key technologies and supporting platforms for material genetic engineering, advanced structures and composite materials, etc.

In accordance with the requirements of the "Plan", with high-performance fiber and composite materials, high-temperature alloys as the core, light-weight and high-strength materials, metal-based and ceramic-based composite materials, material surface engineering, and 3D printing materials are the key points to solve the problem of material design and structural control. Major scientific issues, breakthrough key common technologies for the preparation and application of structures and composite materials, and enhance the support capabilities and international competitiveness of advanced structural materials. The plan will actively promote the development of scientific and technological innovation and industrialization in the field of materials in my country, and effectively play its important role in regulating and guiding the development of national materials technology.

2. Wide application fields and broad application prospects

The composite material has the characteristics of high specific strength, high specific modulus, good fatigue resistance, strong shock absorption performance, high heat resistance, and high fracture safety. It also has special vibration damping characteristics, excellent mechanical properties and no X-ray absorption Features, can obtain high-precision complex shapes, and have strong corrosion resistance. It is widely used in many fields such as aerospace, automobile industry, chemical textiles, machinery manufacturing, medical equipment, and the manufacture of sports equipment and building materials. The development of technology plays a very important role.

Especially in the field of automotive lightweight, the automotive industry urgently needs lightweight solutions to counter the cost pressure of rising fuel costs. At present, there are two main directions in automobile lightweight technology, one is the optimization design of automobile structure and material processing technology, and the other is the use of lighter alternative materials that can meet the requirements. Among them, lightweight alternative materials are generally recognized in the industry and have the most promising lightweight technology. As one of the main materials, composite materials will be an excellent opportunity to enter the automotive lightweight market and have great development potential.

Composite material

3. Mechanical automation boosts the development of composite materials industry

In recent years, in order to solve the problems of increased labor costs, environmental protection inspection and transformation and development, many companies have gradually increased production equipment and auxiliary production equipment to improve the level of mechanized and automated production. Some enterprises such as Fujian Haiyuan, Shengli Xinda and Suzhou Keyi are actively seeking the construction of automated and intelligent production lines. Looking to the future, the improvement of the automation level of production mechanization will not only solve the problems of increased labor costs and standardized management of production sites, but also bring new vitality to the industry. With the improvement of the level of mechanized and automated production, the production efficiency of enterprises has been greatly improved, and the stability of product quality is also more guaranteed. Therefore, it is helpful for composite material products companies to actively expand the large-scale medium and high-end application markets such as automobiles and rail transit, construction, energy and environmental protection. The development and application of mechanization and automation will bring new vitality to the composite products industry.