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Analysis Of Environmental Performance Of Resin Luminous Characters

Jun 12, 2020

      Nowadays, environmental protection has become an appropriate topic. In order to protect the surrounding environment and to ensure the living environment of our children and grandchildren, environmental protection activities are imperative. And when producing some resin luminous characters, it may constitute some substances that have an impact on the environment. But the beautiful luminous effect of luminous characters and the excellent advertising effect cannot be replaced. The onset of the luminous characters has, to a certain extent, deepened and deepened the image of public enterprises. How can we ensure the excellent luminous effect of the luminous characters, and also ensure its environmental protection function?

      When shopping malls choose to make signs, many people choose resin luminous characters as their signs. Resin luminous characters have a lot of excellent qualities, their high efficiency and energy saving properties, through the rational emission of LED luminous lamps, through the resin into the light, the utilization rate of the light source has been advanced. Coupled with exquisite onlookers, you are satisfied and attractive. But in addition to these properties exhibited by the manufacturing process, resin luminous characters also have a very important property.

      Resin luminous characters are composed of three parts: shell, epoxy resin and LED lamp beads. After making the bottom case of resin luminous characters, according to the required color and requirements, through continuous distribution, the epoxy resin and the pigment are evenly mixed together. Irrigate onto the acrylic plate on the surface of the word shell with a modified light layer and condense to form. In the perception of many people, resin luminous characters are uniform and uniform in color. But walking on the street, we can also find that there are some resin luminous characters, not just one color.

      These mixed-color resin luminous characters show its difference. The colorful color distribution shows its common characteristics. In some more specialized stores, they like this store very much. The irrigation method is already used. Why are the different colors put together and the fonts and images expressed by the needs can be clearly displayed without being merged?

      In fact, when making the bottom case, when the needs of different colors are different. In other areas of the desired area, the cut and twisted acrylic will be used as a partition to divide and irrigate the resin on the acrylic sheet. Because of the acrylic barrier, epoxy resin will not naturally run to other areas.

      Resin luminous characters are very environmentally friendly, it is made of epoxy resin irrigation. Epoxy resin has no pollution and has very excellent stability. In the process of application, there will be no phenomena such as corrosion. Although it is condensed by irrigation, resin luminous characters will not emit harmful gases.