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Application And Classification Of Vinyl Ester Resins

Release Time: Jan 22, 2018

(1) By the use of vinyl ester resin corrosion-resistant object of the division

1) Corrosion-resistant FRP - tubes, cans, all kinds of medicine tank, chimney, scrubber;

2) Corrosion-resistant FRP lining - fans, all kinds of medicine tank, chimney, ventilation pipe;

3) coating - exhaust flue gas desulfurization equipment, offshore structures, various drug troughs, chimneys, ventilation pipes;

4) concrete tank lining - the factory pit, cell pool, sink tank and so on;

5) electrical dust collector plate;

6) Separator leaves, angles, etc. (with pultrusion molding);

7) used as a binder to produce TV tube explosion-proof insulation tape;

8) TV parts;

9) mold with plastic clothing;

10) printing ink, plastic printing (with light curing).

(2) according to the contact of the chemical medium points, commonly used in more demanding environment, anti-corrosion treatment, such as:

1) 35% hydrochloric acid storage tank;

2) hydrochloric acid: water = 1: 5; sodium hydroxide: water: 1: 5 alternating with each other, the temperature of 60 ~ 70 ℃ glass fiber reinforced plastic storage tank;

3) 40% hydrochloric acid, the use of temperature 60 ℃, concrete tank lining;

4) sulfuric acid 7%, chlorine content of 0.05% to 0.1%, pyrimidine 10 ~ 40g / L, trace nitric acid, the use of temperature 60 ~ 75 ℃, gas-liquid contact tower;

5) 50% sulfuric acid + aluminum hydroxide, the highest temperature of 120 ° C sulfuric acid manufacturing plant;

6) 72% sulfuric acid FRP tank (3m3, 6m3):

7) 62% ~ 63% sulfuric acid, 20% sodium hydroxide, the highest temperature of 90 ° C neutralization reactor;

8) sulfuric acid 5%, hydrochloric acid 4%, hydrofluoric acid 5%, 1% nitric acid mixed acid FRP tank, the use of temperature 40 ℃;

9) 48% sodium hydroxide FRP tank;

10) 45% sodium hydroxide, the highest temperature of 80 ℃ concrete tank lining;

11) Exhaust devices with 0.003% to 0.16% ammonia, hydrogen sulfide (2-4) x 10-6%, methyl mercaptan, methyl sulfide and other top-of-service temperatures of 80 ° C.

12) 75% sulfuric acid, water mixed acid room temperature storage tank;

13) 30% sulfuric acid, 57% sodium chloride, temperature 85 ℃ integrated device;

(3) Vinyl ester resin can be used in combination with other materials, or made of different vinyl ester resin products, composite use. The most widely used method in vinyl ester resins is that he can not only be used alone, but also with other thermosetting resins. China Epoxy Resin Industry Association ( experts said that brominated phenolic vinyl resin can improve the flame retardant resin, but also has the resistance to organic solvents and anti-aging. Has been used for the extraction of uranium from crude phosphoric acid and copper tailings production process, due to heat aging, but also for high temperature pipes and power plants, chimneys of the refrigeration plant. When the temperature, medium, pressure and other conditions superimposed effect, the material should be more careful.