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Application And Function Of Vinyl Resin

Jun 18, 2020

Today, neweco will introduce you to the resin called "vinyl resin". Vinyl resin has excellent high corrosion resistance, easy construction, and can completely solve the existing anti-corrosion problems of petroleum storage tanks, so the role of vinyl resin is mainly widely used in anti-corrosion of petroleum tanks.

Nowadays, the anticorrosion system of China's petroleum storage tanks is greatly challenged. The epoxy resin coatings and polyurethane anticorrosion coatings that were commonly used in the past, in terms of acid and alkali resistance, solvent resistance and heat resistance, especially under strong corrosive media and high temperature conditions , Can not fully meet the requirements of anti-corrosion. The base resin plays a decisive role in coating anticorrosion, so to change the status quo, we must start with the choice of resin. At present, vinyl resin fiberglass and vinyl ester glass flake resin coatings with high heat resistance, acid resistance and alkali resistance are generally used abroad to make anticorrosive coatings for petroleum storage tanks, in order to solve the steel petroleum storage brought by high corrosive crude oil Anti-corrosion problem in the tank.

The advantages of vinyl resin are good corrosion resistance, excellent permeability resistance, good adhesion, good temperature difference resistance, good wear resistance, good construction processability, room temperature curing and easy repair, etc. However, I did not expect that the resin's function is too powerful. It can be seen that vinyl resin is the mainstream of FRP anticorrosion