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Application Fields Of Thermosetting Fiberglass Resin Tube

Jun 30, 2020

The basic application fields of FRP resin pipes are as follows:

       1. Delivery and supply of drinking water

       2. Municipal sewage pipeline system

       3. Sewer pipes to prevent rainstorm

       4. Sea water pipeline

       5. Power plant circulating water

       6. Agricultural irrigation

       7. Cooling pipes of factories and desalination plants

       8. Oilfield water injection pipe and original delivery pipe

       9. Thermal energy delivery pipe

      10. Chemical media delivery

      11. FRP device and its piping

In engineering construction, it is very important to choose what kind of resin pipeline. In the past, steel pipes or reinforced concrete pipes were generally used for large-diameter transmission pipelines. The steel pipe has good flexibility, high strength and light weight per unit length, but the material price is too high. Anti-corrosion requirements are also very high, and the price of reinforced concrete pipe materials is low, but the unit length is self-important. Low strength, high construction and maintenance costs, and high transportation costs. The appearance of glass fiber reinforced plastic resin tube combines the advantages of steel tube and reinforced concrete tube in application. Although the material price of FRP pipes is higher than that of reinforced concrete pipes, the transportation, construction and maintenance costs are lower than that of reinforced concrete pipes. Comprehensive comparison of the two is about the same price.

In short, the FRP resin tube has the advantages of light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, long life, good designability, and convenient construction. Coupled with the characteristics of low project cost and good comprehensive benefits, these characteristics determine that its development prospects are limitless.

Therefore, the glass fiber reinforced plastic resin tube is a new type of material that is currently vigorously promoted.