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Application Of Additive Flame Retardant Resin In Rail Transit

Release Time: May 29, 2018

Application of Additive Flame Retardant Resin in Rail Transit


Rail Transit refers to transportation modes with large capacity, fast speed, safety, on-time, environmental protection, energy conservation, land use, etc., referred to as “rail transit”, including subways, light rails, magnetic levitation, and trams. Railways, EMUs, high-speed rails, new transportation systems, etc.


    Considering flame retardancy, smoke toxicity, strength, and cost, the addition of flame-retardant unsaturated polyester resin (hereinafter referred to as additive-type flame-retardant resin) has a high application value.


The main application of additive-type flame retardant resin in rail transit at this stage:


·Inboard wall plate, top plate

·Assembled fiberglass bathroom

·Integrated fiberglass bathroom

·Seat or seat frame

·Fiberglass air conditioning duct

· Roof shroud

·Intricately shaped parts in the car, such as three-dimensionally curved inner side walls and side roofs, various special-shaped covers, decorative parts, etc.