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Application Of Coupling Agent In Resin

Jun 29, 2020

The role of the coupling agent in the composite material is that it can not only react with certain groups on the surface of the reinforcing material, but also react with the matrix resin between the reinforcing material and the resin matrix Forming an interface layer, the interface layer can transmit stress, thereby enhancing the bonding strength between the reinforcing material and the resin, improving the performance of the composite material, while also preventing other media from penetrating into the interface, improving the interface state, which is beneficial to the product Resistance to aging, stress and electrical insulation.

        Application areas, main functional functions:

        Glass fiber, glass fiber reinforced plastic: improve the wet physical and mechanical strength of composite materials, wet electrical performance, and improve the bundling, protection and processing technology of glass fiber.  

        Filler surface treatment: improve the compatibility, wetting and dispersibility of filler and resin in resin

        Adhesives and coatings: improve the adhesion and weather resistance in the wet state, improve the pigment dispersion, improve the abrasion resistance and resin crosslinking.

        Casting: Improve the strength of resin sand. In order to achieve high, low gas.

        Textile: Make the textile soft and full, improve its water resistance, and adhesion to dyes.

        Filler surface treatment: Improve the compatibility, wetting and dispersibility of filler and resin in resin.

        Cross-linked polyethylene: used to strengthen the strength of cross-linked polyethylene cables and hot water pipes. Durability and service life.

        The main purpose

        In reinforced plastics, a chemical substance that improves the interface between resin and reinforced material.

        At the interface between the resin matrix and the reinforcing material, a substance that promotes or establishes a stronger bond.

        Note: The coupling agent can be applied to the reinforcement material or added to the resin, or both.