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Application Of Glass Fiber Material In Automobile Production

Jun 29, 2020

At present, glass fiber reinforced composite materials used in automobiles include: glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic materials (GFRTP), glass fiber felt reinforced thermoplastic materials (GMT), sheet molding compound (SMC), Resin transfer molding materials (RTM) and hand-lay FRP products.

Non-metallic materials used in automobiles include plastics, rubber, adhesive sealants, friction materials, fabrics, glass and other materials, involving petrochemical, light industry, textile, building materials and other related industrial sectors, so non-metallic materials are used in automobiles How it reflects the comprehensive strength of a country’s economy and technology, but also includes the technology development and application capabilities of a large number of related industries.

The glass fiber reinforced plastics used in automobiles mainly include glass fiber reinforced PP, glass fiber reinforced PA66 or PA6, and a small amount of PBT and PPO materials. Reinforced PP is mainly used for making engine cooling fan blades, timing belts, upper and lower covers, etc., but some products have poor appearance quality. Due to defects such as warpage, non-functional parts are gradually replaced by PP filled with inorganic fillers such as talc.

Reinforced PA materials have been used in passenger cars and commercial vehicles, and are generally used to make some small functional parts, such as: lock body protection cover, safety wedge, embedded nut, accelerator pedal, shift up and down guard A protective cover, opening handle, etc. If the quality of the material selected by the parts manufacturer is unstable, the production process is improperly used, or the material is not dried well, the weak part of the product will break. The plastic intake manifold is a new technology developed in recent years. Compared with the aluminum alloy cast intake manifold, it has the advantages of light weight, smooth inner surface, shock absorption and heat insulation, etc., so it is widely used in foreign cars , The materials used are all glass fiber reinforced PA66 or PA6, mainly using the melt core method or vibration friction welding method,

At present, relevant domestic units have carried out research in this area and achieved periodic results