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Application Of Resin Matrix Composites In Military Field

Jul 24, 2020

due to their good fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance and shock absorption. In addition, resin-based composite materials have the advantages of diversified functions, simple molding process, and strong plasticity of material structure and performance. They are widely used in the automotive industry, sports equipment industry, mechanical and electronic manufacturing, aerospace industry, and coal industry. With the rapid economic growth in recent years, the use of resin-based composite materials has become more and more extensive, and they have been favored by the manufacturing industry.

The use of composite materials can achieve lightweight weapon systems, thereby improving rapid response capabilities, and play a huge role in high power, large range, precision strikes, etc., especially in the aviation-based defense industry has been widely used. At present, components made of composite materials have become the main components of the structure of aviation, aerospace, weapons, ships and other defense products.

Military field

Resin matrix composite application diagram

In order to meet the requirements of high maneuverability, supersonic cruise and stealth of the new generation fighters, after entering the 1990s, American fighters without exception have adopted a large number of composite materials. The amount is generally more than 20%, and some even as high as 35 %, the structural weight reduction efficiency reaches 30%. At present, the amount of composite materials in the world's advanced military aircraft accounts for 20%-50% of the weight of the entire aircraft structure. The main applications of composite materials include fairings, flat tails, vertical tails, flat tail boxes, wings, and front fuselages.