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Application Of Ultraviolet Light Curing Technology-light Curing Resin

Jun 24, 2020

Ultraviolet curing technology (Uv curing technology) means that under the irradiation of ultraviolet light with appropriate wavelength and light intensity, the photoinitiator in the photocurable resin system absorbs radiant energy to form an active group Group, which in turn initiates a chemical reaction (mainly various types of polymerization reactions) of substances containing unsaturated double bonds or epoxy groups in the system, forming a polymer polymer with a cross-linked three-dimensional network structure. It has the advantages of no inert solvent volatilization, short curing time, low temperature curing and other unparalleled traditional curing technologies, and is called a new generation of green technology. As an energy-saving and environmentally friendly technology, the photocuring technology of polymer materials has been widely used in many fields such as coatings, inks, electronic packaging, adhesives, printed plates, electronic industry, microfabrication and rapid prototyping. . According to experts, the annual growth rate is as high as 25%, and a new industry has been formed

Ultraviolet curing places higher requirements on the light source and increases the cost of curing. Its fatal weakness is poor environmental protection safety and poor thick film curing performance. In order to solve these two problems, the selection of visible light that is better and safer than ultraviolet transmission for curing has always been a hotspot of research at home and abroad. Jiang Xianlong, vinyl resin technology department of Shanghai Showa Polymer Co., Ltd., introduced a new type of visible light curing resin. From the comparison of the physical properties and corrosion resistance of the cured product, it can be seen that the visible light curing is equivalent to the performance of the common peroxide cured product, or even better. It is very safe to use visible light instead of harmful ultraviolet light. It has a wide range of applications, fast curing, and less volatilization of styrene; simple operation, no need to add accelerators and curing agents, improve production efficiency, and greatly reduce construction costs. The development of this type of visible light curing resin is expected to significantly reduce the molding construction costs of vinyl resin resin downstream companies.

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