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April 16 Resin Price Index

Apr 17, 2018
April 16 resin price index phthalate general resin 190, double ring (DC) hand paste resin 110, artificial stone/quartz stone resin 290, pultruded resin 300, winding structure layer resin 230, inter-winding benzene lining resin 160, NPG type molded resin 110, DPG type molded resin 180. The price of raw materials rose in an all-round way, and the price of resin was increased by 200 yuan to 300 yuan. This week's chemical raw materials, under the influence of multiple factors, such as the recovery of downstream demand, the reduction of upstream maintenance inventory, and the sharp rise in international oil prices, have seen an overall upward trend. With the warming of the weather and the commencement of investment projects in various regions, the demand in the downstream market began to fully recover, and the suspension of production and maintenance at the upstream factory will continue until mid-May, so the supply will not increase significantly in the short term. As for the U.S. air raid on Syria, we have repeatedly stated in our previous analysis that fighting in the Middle East to pull up international crude oil prices is the only common interest between the United States and Russia. This is also a historic change in the international energy market. The largest oil importing country, the United States, is shifting to the world's major oil exporting countries. Therefore, rising oil prices are not only the fundamental economic interests of Russia, but have now become the fundamental economic interests of the United States. The only difference is who will lead the change. Just now, that is, to compete for the dominant issue of the political situation in the Middle East. Therefore, the current international oil price of US$70 per barrel may not yet reach its peak. With the progress of the war, there is still a possibility of further increase. Although the current link between crude oil and chemical raw materials is not as close as ever, fundamentally speaking, the main source of chemical products is still oil. Therefore, step-wise fluctuations in oil prices will inevitably have an important impact on downstream chemical products. Back