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Artware Resin Production Process

Release Time: Jan 23, 2018

First, pinholes, oil holes

In the resin crafts production process, some products will appear under the surface of many small holes, pierce it with a needle, there will be some liquid outflow, so called oil hole, if the surface of the product there are many Very small hole, which also has some liquid, so called pinhole.

Pinholes and oil holes are produced in the chemical sparse agent, these materials often come together when the oil hole. If the oil and sparse agent is relatively small, did not merge together, it will have a pinhole. This problem usually occurs in the second half of the season, after mixing the slurry, there will be stratification, there are several ways to solve such problems:

1, before the lead production to control the amount of oil involved, and then mix evenly after use.

2, in the production process, with some of the higher concentration of resin raw materials, in order to reduce the time to join the stone powder to reduce the stratification of water.

3, when filling the stone powder to pay attention to moisture, because too much water will lead to stratification.

4, we must strictly control the amount of oil involved, do not affect the shotcrete in the environment, less into the oil, oil involved in the amount of not more than five thousandths, and to do as little as possible.

Second, stomata

In the production of resin handicrafts, the products with very complicated structure and small size are the most likely to have stomata at corners with large hollow resistance such as corners. Some stomata even expose the surface of resin products. To solve these problems, some resins Handicraft manufacturers use the following methods:

1, in the process of sophisticated mold design to take into account the issue of stomata, to type design, to add at the corner of the vent, so that the convenience of the pumping effect, to reduce the probability of stomata.

2, try to use less white and red raw materials, so resin crafts solidified a little time, in order to save enough time to extract the mold of the air.

3, look at the vacuum extractor there is no mechanical failure, to ensure that the resin handicrafts in the vacuum box in the evacuation rate quickly reached 0.2Mpa, so that the vacuum will be handled well, and some resin handicraft manufacturers on the large resin handicrafts The product is to take the vacuum to 0.2Mpa and then reduced to 0.08Mpa, and then back to 0.1Mpa, this pumping effect is also very good.

4, with some dilute resin raw material or fill less filler, in order to make more dilute pulp raw material, so that when the air pumping out the mold of the air extraction, there will be no bubbles in the surface of the product.