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Breakthrough In The Research And Development Of New Special Function Key Materials

Aug 11, 2020

The Ministry of Science and Technology was informed that recently, the High-tech Department of the Ministry of Science and Technology organized experts in Beijing to carry out the acceptance of the "New Type of Special Functional Key Materials" subject project supported by the 863 Program in the field of new materials technology.

New functional materials are the foundation and guide of national economy, social development and national defense construction, and are also the core of the field of new materials. They play an important role in promoting and supporting the development of high-tech. The implementation of this project is of great significance to improving the technical level of my country's power industry and promoting the efficient use of advantageous resources.

The project has carried out the development of production technology for UHV transmission insulation structural parts, the development of production technology for cross-linked polyethylene ultra-high voltage insulation materials, the development of large-scale preparation technology for high-performance boron carbide ceramics, the development of preparation technology for boron carbide-based nuclear protective materials, and the development of special porous ceramics. The development and application of its composite materials, the development of key technologies for the industrialization of high-performance copper-clad aluminum conductor materials, and the development of production applications have formed a series of independent intellectual property rights; developed a series of UHV insulation materials, boron carbide-based protective materials, and copper-clad Special functional materials such as aluminum conductor materials, foamed silicon carbide/resin composite materials; developed a series of UHV insulation materials, and built demonstrations of UHV DC transmission converter valves, UHV extra-large tonnage glass insulators, and composite insulators Production line, product performance meets the requirements of UHV transmission insulation structural parts; a production line of high-voltage ultra-high-voltage cross-linked polyethylene ultra-clean insulation material has been built, and the material meets the cable application requirements of 110kV voltage level; a boron carbide-based protective material has been developed and prepared Boron carbide composite bullet-proof inserts are used in standard soft body armor; foamed silicon carbide/resin composite materials, metal-supported porous ceramic catalytic materials have been developed, and a new type of porous ceramic/resin composite material wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant pipeline production line and multi-metal Demonstration production line of supported porous ceramic catalytic materials; developed copper-clad aluminum conductor materials, and built a series of copper-clad aluminum flat row and wire demonstration production lines.