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Brief Analysis Of Bisphenol Unsaturated Resin

Jun 24, 2020

 Industry News: This type of resin is currently a representative variety of corrosion-resistant unsaturated resins abroad. According to reports, more than 70% of the overseas corrosion-resistant FRP is manufactured with such varieties.

  Bisphenol A type unsaturated polyester has the advantages of general general-purpose polyester, and its outstanding characteristic is good corrosion resistance and temperature resistance. Someone has used this resin in sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, acetic acid, sodium hydroxide, ammonia, ethanol, acetone, and benzene for corrosion resistance test. After immersing for 4 months at room temperature and 80°C, the result is In addition to the large decrease in strength in sodium hydroxide and acetone, satisfactory results were obtained in the remaining media. In addition, the glass fiber reinforced plastic made of the resin is used as the lining of the hot water heater, and the water temperature is 95-100°C. In recent years, FRP made of bisphenol A polyester has been widely used in petroleum, chemical, textile, electroplating, construction and other sectors. Especially suitable for the production of large-scale anti-corrosion equipment, such as large pipelines, storage tanks, tank trucks, towers, etc.

At present, the domestic production of bisphenol A unsaturated polyester resin grades mainly produces Taiwan's 901 vinyl resin, Foton Chemical's 197 resin, Tianhe's TH-110 resin, and bisphenol A unsaturated polyester produced abroad. There are many brands of ester resins, and new varieties have been emerging in recent years.

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