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Brief Analysis Of Common Problems Of Gel Coat Resin Of Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Mold

Jun 05, 2020

As a common category of unsaturated resins, FRP mold gel coat resins are special resins used to make FRP gel coats, but this also cannot rule out some common problems in their use. In the following content, we have selected common problems for you and analyzed the reasons. I also hope that you will not be anxious when encountering the problem of glass fiber reinforced plastic gel coat resin. It is most important to find out the cause of the problem and then solve it.

Problem one, there are cracks and cracks

If cracks appear, it is usually because the gel coat is too thick and the heat release temperature is high. Moreover, the above problems will also occur due to the excessive demoulding and the impact of the external force on the surface of the gel coat.

Problem two, the gel coat is wrinkled

Gel coat wrinkling is also a common problem with gel coat resins. This is mainly because the gel coat is too thin, the thickness is uneven, and the gel coat is not cured sufficiently. In addition, the high water content of the curing agent and uneven mixing of the curing agent and the gel coat can also cause the above problems.

Problem three, the gloss of the product gel coat is not good

Due to the low ambient temperature and high ambient humidity, coupled with the poor finish of the mold and the dust on the surface, it will cause the result that the gloss of the gel coat is not good.

Generally, when problems are found in the GRP mold gel coat resin, you can first look at which link is the problem, and then find out the key cause and solve it.