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Brief Introduction Of Natural Stone Epoxy Glue Repairing Process

May 29, 2020

Natural stone has various colors, natural texture, elegant and beautiful, and has good aesthetic value. It is a high-end decoration material favored by the market. However, the cracks, holes, and trachoma produced by natural stone in its natural formation not only affect the decorative effect of natural stone, but also greatly increase the damage rate during transportation, processing, and installation. Repairing the cracks, holes and trachoma of natural stone with epoxy resin glue can obviously improve the strength of the stone, reduce the damage rate of the intermediate process, increase the glossiness of the stone and improve the grade of the stone.

The existing natural stone epoxy glue repairing process is mainly divided into two methods: mechanical glue line and room temperature drying board. The mechanical glue line is divided into vertical drying glue line and horizontal drying according to different baking equipment. Two types of glue line.

1. Vertical drying glue filling line:


✿ Advantages:

1. The area of the whole line equipment is small, less than 1/2 of the area of the glue line with the same capacity;

    2. The storage capacity of the vertical curing box is large, and the curing time of the single sheet can be up to 2 hours, which greatly improves the quality of the glue repair;

    3. High-efficiency and energy-saving hot air circulation and intelligent dehumidification device to ensure stable and uniform temperature in the oven and improve the effect of glue filling of the plate.

✿ Shortcomings:

1. The equipment investment is relatively large;

2. The production efficiency is slightly lower than that of the horizontal drying glue line.

Second, horizontal drying glue line:


✿ Advantages:

1. The equipment investment is relatively small;

     2. The production efficiency is slightly higher than the vertical drying glue line.

     ✿ Shortcomings:

     Stone repair quality and stability are slightly worse than vertical drying glue line.

Three, normal temperature drying board:


✿ Advantages:

1. Less equipment investment, very economical and practical;

2. Stone has a wide range of applications, especially stone with poor quality.

✿ Shortcomings:

1. The stone repair cycle is long and the efficiency is low;

2. Under the same production capacity, the repaired stone covers a lot of land;

3. It is greatly affected by seasons, weather and other factors;

4. The curing effect of repair glue is worse than that of drying line.