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Brief Introduction Of Release Agent

Jun 13, 2020

What is the release agent, and what are the advantages of the release agent, presumably many people are not very clear, and even have not heard of this chemical raw material. Even a simple example, when you use a baking tray to bake bread, you will Spread cooking oil on the baking tray, so that after the bread is ready, it will be easy to separate from the baking tray, and the role of cooking oil here is to prevent the bread and the baking tray from sticking together. The agent is used to prevent the finished product from sticking to the mold. Next, follow the unsaturated resin manufacturer to understand the specific working principle of the release agent:

1. The polar chemical bond and the mold surface interact to form a regenerative adsorption film;

2. The silicon-oxygen bond in the polysiloxane can be regarded as a weak dipole (Si+-O-). When the release agent is spread into a single orientation arrangement on the mold surface, the molecule adopts a unique extended chain configuration;

3.The free surface is covered by alkyl groups in a densely packed manner, and the demolding ability increases with the alkyl density; but when the alkyl group occupies a larger steric hindrance, the extended configuration is limited, and the demolding ability will be reduced;

4.The molecular weight and viscosity of the release agent are also related to the release ability.If the molecular weight is small, the spreadability is good, but the heat resistance is poor