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Can Epoxy Resin Burn

Aug 05, 2020

Our Longcai new materials produce epoxy resins, we will put a lot of effort on the details to ensure that our products are perfectly presented to customers. Answering customer questions about various products is also our service. We will come today. Can epoxy resin burn?

Most organic matter can burn, epoxy resin can also burn,

But epoxy resin has a high ignition point and will not burn under normal circumstances unless it is very high temperature or directly ignited by an open flame, so the production, transportation, and use process will be very safe.

Of course, epoxy resins with organic solvents such as toluene and xylene are easy to burn, and small sparks such as smoking or using mobile phones may cause burning, so pay special attention to safety.

We will have a lot of experience in production slowly, and then we will get a lot of enlightenment when used in production, and we will gradually innovate more techniques to make the product more perfect.