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Can The Water Softened By Ion Exchange Resin Be Drunk?

Jul 22, 2020

Is the water softened by ion exchange resin drinkable? It is drinkable. According to the characteristics of the ion exchange resin and the principle of the ion exchange resin filter element, it is explained that the softened water ion exchange resin has sulfonic acid groups (-SO3H) on the polymer matrix of the styrene-=vinylbenzene copolymer cross-linked structure, and passes through the ion exchange resin. The filter element, in accordance with the elution sequence of the ion exchange resin, is used to soften hard water to meet drinking water standards.

The working principle of the softened water ion exchange resin: The softened water ion exchange resin exchanges its own Na+ ions and the Ca2+ and Mg2+ ions with the same sign of charge in the water to remove the hardness of the water to soften the water, such as the Na-type cation exchange resin encounters When water containing Ca2+ and Mg2+, the ion resin exchange chemical formula is:

  2RNa + Ca2+→ R2Ca + 2Na+

  2RNa + Mg2+→ R2Mg + 2Na+

   The appearance of the softened water ion exchange resin is golden to brown spherical particles, and the factory form: sodium type, performance index.

1. Water content: 46-52%; 2. Total exchange capacity: 4.5mmol/g; 3. Wet apparent density: 0.77-0.87g/ml; 4. Wet true density: 1.24-1.28g/ml 5. Particle size ( 0.315-1.25mm) ≥ 95; 6. After grinding, the sphere rate is ≥ 95%; 7. PH range: 1-14; 8. Modified expansion rate: (H+-Na+) 8-10%; 9. Regeneration solution concentration :NaCl3-10%, HCl4-5%, NaOH4-5%; 10. Dosage of regenerated solution: NaCl(8-10%) volume: resin volume=1.5-2:1 HC1(4-5%) volume: resin volume =2-3:1 NaOH (4-5%) volume: resin volume=2-3:1; 11. Regeneration fluid flow rate: 5-8m/h; 12. Regeneration contact time: 30-60min 13. Positive washing flow rate: 10-20m/h14, washing time: about 30min15, running flow rate: 10-40m/h.