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Carbon Fiber Cloth Building Reinforcement Is Favored

Aug 25, 2020

Carbon fiber cloth reinforcement is very popular in the reinforcement and transformation of existing buildings. As a new type of composite material, carbon fiber cloth reinforcement is used in structural reinforcement and transformation projects. It is to pre-impregnate carbon fiber cloth with extremely high tensile strength with epoxy resin. Composite reinforcement material is pasted on the structure to be reinforced with an epoxy resin adhesive along the tensile direction or perpendicular to the crack direction, so that the carbon fiber can bear the tensile stress and coordinate with the concrete deformation to form a new composite. It can improve the strength, rigidity, crack resistance and extensibility of the structure to achieve the purpose of improving the load-bearing capacity of the building.

The application of the carbon fiber cloth reinforcement method is similar to the steel-bonded method, but it is more flexible and convenient than the steel-bonded reinforcement. It has the advantages of high strength and high efficiency, no cross-section change, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, convenient construction, easy construction quality, and low maintenance costs. , It is very popular in the reinforcement and transformation of existing buildings, the main material-carbon fiber cloth reinforcement. Carbon fiber cloth has excellent physical and mechanical properties. The carbon fiber cloth used to reinforce concrete members is made of carbon fiber materials combined with specific resin materials through a certain manufacturing process. It is a soft sheet material made by weaving carbon fiber filaments. When carbon fiber cloth is woven, a large number of carbon fiber filaments are evenly spread along one main direction to form a very thin carbon fiber cloth that is stressed in the main fiber direction.

The standard value of tensile strength of carbon fiber cloth should be greater than 3000Mpa, and the elastic modulus should be greater than 2.1×l05Mpa. Carbon fiber cloth reinforcement technology uses carbon fiber cloth and special structural glue to reinforce building components. The strength of carbon fiber cloth used in this technology is about 10 times that of ordinary secondary steel. The thickness is only about 2mm, which basically does not increase the cross-section of the component, and can ensure that the carbon fiber cloth works with the original component. Comprehensive analysis of the physical and mechanical properties of materials, in order to maximize the advantages of the material itself, it is suitable to use the material as the tensile or prestressed bending member of the building structure, especially for pure tensile members. The carbon fiber materials for building reinforcement are mainly It is to bear tensile stress and restrain the development of cracks.