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Changfeng County Market Supervision Bureau Successfully Destroyed An Illegal Production And Processing Melt-blown Den

May 09, 2020

According to the person in charge of the illegal production and processing melt-blown cloth den, due to the recent high price of melt-blown cloth, as introduced by a friend in April 2020, he purchased 3 sets of second-hand machinery equipment from a small workshop in Linyi City, Shandong Province, and Changzhou, Jiangsu Province The city purchased "Shenhua Chemical Polypropylene" and "Kunlun Polypropylene Resin" raw materials, rented a dilapidated factory building in the southern section of Shuijiu Road, Shuihu Town, Changfeng County, and produced meltblown fabrics illegally. The on-site investigation found that the production environment of the illegal processing den was messy, and household items, household garbage, maintenance tools, raw materials, finished products, and waste products were randomly placed and piled up; the raw materials used did not have any procurement documents and inspection reports; the finished product packaging did not have any Product identification, no factory name, site, certificate of conformity; the den has no inspection equipment, has not obtained a business license, nor has it formulated and implemented product standards.

In the end, market supervision and law enforcement personnel seized three sets of meltblown cloth production equipment on site, 230 kg of three non-meltblown cloths, and 4,200 kg of raw material polypropylene. The value of the case involved was nearly 200,000 yuan. The case is currently being processed further.