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Characteristics Of Resin Clay How To Use Resin Clay Distinguish Resin Clay

Jun 04, 2020

The current resin clay is a kind of sticky and flexible substance, which can create any image works. Due to its high plasticity, softness, high-fidelity, strong texture, and simple usage, it only needs to take out the appropriate amount, add oil paint to adjust the color, and then create the image in mind, dry with nature. Finished.

Because resin clay is shiny and elastic, this soil is most suitable for flowers, mini foods, fruits and vegetables, or dolls. Resin clay translucent color, soft touch, can be extended to thin without cracking, free to make slender works, only need to add oil painting color when making, or color after finishing, you can make it according to personal preference All kinds of things. Because it can be stretched very thin, making it very light and natural, the effect of making clay flowers is very good. After the work is naturally air-dried, the surface can be thinly painted with oil painting or acrylic paint to increase its aesthetic and three-dimensional feel.


1. The texture is delicate and smooth. It can be rubbed and kneaded into different shapes at will, and it can also be adhered to various materials.

2. It can be rolled into thin slices without cracks and cracks, and can be made into fake products.

3. Transparency and good glossiness, you can use watercolor or oily pigments to blend colors.

4. After drying, it can be simply trimmed and not easily damaged.

5. Safe, non-toxic, resilient, and insect-proof.

6. Good elasticity, swaying with the wind after forming, lifelike.

7. White color, soft touch, non-stick tools and hands, good elasticity can be thinned without cracking, and it has soft fleshy and shiny petals after natural curing.


1. It is suitable for taking appropriate amount, and the remaining part shall be kept in fresh-keeping bags.

2. Keep in a dark place. Because bread soil is air-dried, it cannot be exposed to the air at will, and it is difficult to shape the water after evaporation. Usually the collection should be wrapped in plastic wrap, and then put in a sealed bag. If possible, it is best to put it in a fresh-keeping box and put it in a cool place. It is better to put the refrigerator into the refrigerator.

3. Use it when it is not dry, and then use the new product after use.

4. It will dry naturally in the air.

5. When making, take out an appropriate amount of clay and gradually add a small amount of watercolor or oil paint to avoid too dark colors; if the color is really dark, do not add white, it will make the clay pink and will not become lighter, Only add clay to lighten its color.


What can resin clay do?

1. Widely used to make simulated flowers

2. Clay anime characters, animals, dolls, etc.

3. Various decorative crafts, small ornaments, small pendants, etc.

4. Various simulation food, vegetable and fruit shapes, such as fruits, vegetables, pastries, etc.

5. DIY crafts for children and students

Distinguish good from bad

1. A good resin clay has a delicate appearance, flexibility, and white color.

2. Forcefully pinch, rub, press, etc., it will not stick to the hands and non-stick tools, even if it is pressed very thin, it will not break, even if it is added with paint, it will be the same.

3. The clay has a uniform texture without any impurities.

4. The clay will not turn black after drying.

5. After the finished product is dried, the surface should have a delicate, flexible, and fleshy texture. It is exquisite from afar and close-up, which is the most fundamental sign of the quality of resin clay.