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Chengdu Jindian Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Resin Relief Sculpture

Jun 16, 2020

        Jindian Space Sculpture in Pixian, a garden-style factory covering an area of 7000 square meters, main: glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture, glass fiber reinforced plastic figure sculpture, glass reinforced plastic sculpture, glass reinforced plastic relief, sandstone relief, sandstone flower pot, sandstone figure sculpture, copper sculpture, copper relief, Stainless steel sculpture, stone sculpture, stone relief, etc. Is a real physical processing plant, eliminating middlemen.

   relief is a kind of engraving. The sculptor sculpts the image he wants to shape on a flat plate to make it separate from the plane of the original material. Relief is the product of the combination of sculpture and painting. Compression is used to process the objects. Perspective and other factors are used to express the three-dimensional space, and only one or two sides can be viewed. Relief is generally attached to another plane, so it is more used in architecture, and can often be seen on utensils and utensils. Due to its compression characteristics, it takes up less space, so it is suitable for decoration in a variety of environments. In recent years, it has occupied an increasingly important position in the urban beautification environment. The relief is as colorful as the round carving in content, form and material. Relief materials include stone, wood, ivory and metal. Sculpture art is mostly easy to understand, can break through the limitations of language, writing, country and nationality, and vividly record the scientific, cultural, economic, political, military, customs and other social life. It has considerable artistic value and historical value. It is a study of human beings. Precious data of history. The so-called fiberglass round sculpture refers to a non-compressed three-dimensional sculpture that can be appreciated from multiple directions and angles. The techniques and forms are also diverse, realistic and decorative, concrete and abstract, indoor and outdoor, on-frame and large-scale city carving, colored and non-colored [2], etc.; sculpture The content and subject matter are also rich and colorful, and can be characters, animals, or even still life; the material is more colorful, including stone, wood, metal, clay, textiles, paper, plants, rubber, etc. The era of prosperous cities constantly updating and developing, urban environmental sculpture can make cities more affinity, is a sign of rising a city, and even becomes a concentrated expression of the urban human spirit. This is no lack of precedents in the world's famous large and medium cities, which is also People's pursuit of beauty and art is getting higher and higher. In fact, FRP is neither glass nor steel, its matrix is a high molecular organic resin, reinforced with glass fiber or other fabrics. It is named because of its glass-like transparency or translucency and its high strength like steel. Its scientific name is glass fiber reinforced plastic. FRP city sculptures are mainly used for city decoration and beautification. This can make the city's landscape more beautiful and also bring people spiritual enjoyment. Urban sculpture is a place where you can live in public places, roads, bridges, squares, stations, docks, parks, etc. in the city. The FRP city sculpture also represents the city's development status and the city's cultural standards and spiritual outlook.