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China's Fiberglass Yacht Development Is About To Enter The Fast Track

Jul 02, 2020

Mainland my country began manufacturing FRP yachts in the mid-1970s. Due to the low level of consumption, utility yachts are mainly developed, such as paddle boats, motor boats and excursions for parks, artificial lakes and beaches. Later to adapt to the needs of tourist areas. Gradually build yachts with more passengers, most of which are public boats used for tourism and transportation, and there are few luxury yachts for private and family use. In the early 1980s, with the deepening of reform and opening up and the development of tourism, yacht manufacturers such as the United States, Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan began to cooperate with FRP shipyards in the mainland to produce yachts.

       Through the processing of incoming materials, the introduction of experts and advanced technologies, joint ventures with foreign investors and wholly foreign-owned enterprises, etc. have promoted the development of FRP yachts in the mainland. During this period, according to the requirements of Europe, America, and other countries, we used foreign raw materials and equipment to produce sailboats, fishing cruisers, and family yachts, etc., and achieved certain results. Later, we gradually developed into cooperation with foreign countries, and even designed and built larger Yachts and even luxury yachts. Among them are Shenzhen Jianghui Ship Engineering Co., Ltd., Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, FRP Shipyard, Xiamen FRP Yacht Plant, Changzhou FRP Shipyard, Guangzhou New China Shipyard, Suzhou FRP Shipyard, Wuxi Shipbuilding and Repair Plant, Wuxi Dongfang High Speed Boat Development Company, Guangzhou Shipbuilding International Special Ships Division, Dongguan Nanhua Yacht Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Jiangxin Shipyard, Qingdao Beihai Shipyard Yacht Branch, Xingnan Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Dongfang Boat Manufacturing Company (formerly Wenzhou FRP Building Material Factory), Changsha Sunbird Yacht Manufacturing company, Guangzhou Gaohua Yacht Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Fuyang Water Sports Equipment Factory, Fuyang Feiying Boat Co., Ltd., Suzhou Jianghui Ship Engineering Co., Ltd., Shanghai Great Wall FRP Products Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Xinchuan FRP Co., Ltd., Dalian Song Liao FRP Shipyard and Rugao Huaxiang FRP High Speed Boat Manufacturing Co., Ltd. etc.

        Founded in 1976, the Dongguan FRP Shipyard is an earlier state-owned enterprise producing FRP yachts in the mainland. Since the establishment of the plant, it has produced various specifications of motor boats, high-speed passenger ships and high-end yachts, with the exception of 1994-1995 for French CATANAL yachts. The company built four 38-foot catamaran motor yachts, which had a great impact in Guangdong at that time. Shenzhen Jianghui Ship Engineering Co., Ltd., established in 1981, has produced more than 500 luxury FRP yachts of various styles, ranging from 32 feet to 80 feet, all sold to the United States, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. Founded in 1981, Xiamen FRP Yacht Factory is a designated manufacturer of water sports equipment of the former National Sports Commission. In addition to mass production of windsurfing boards and sailboats, it has established various cooperative relations with foreign countries in recent years. It also specializes in the production of 32-50 feet. The series of luxury yachts are exported to Europe, America, Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and other countries and regions.

       Changzhou FRP Shipyard, which was invested and built by the state in 1970, is the earliest state-owned enterprise in the FRP shipbuilding industry in mainland China. So far, it has produced nearly 10,000 various FRP ships. Since its establishment in 1985, Wuxi Dongfang High Speed Boat Development Company has developed more than 40 models of Dongfang series speedboats and yachts. More than 2,000 FRP boats have been widely used in China's rivers, lakes and seas. FRP shipyard for tourist ships. It is worth mentioning that in the late 1980s and early 1990s, Taiwan experienced difficulties in exporting yachts due to the sharp rise in labor service prices and the appreciation of the Taiwan dollar. At this time, many FRP shipyards and yacht merchants decided to move to the mainland and set up wholly-owned yacht companies in the mainland. .

       Shanghai Baodao Yacht Co., Ltd., which invested in Shanghai in May 1992 to set up a factory, is a typical example. The company has established three FRP workshops with more than 100 employees. The high-end luxury yachts it produces are all exported to Europe, the United States and other markets, and are highly praised and appreciated by customers. HAMPTON yachts are now gaining popularity in the international market; another example is the Taiwan-owned Shenzhen Daqing Yacht, which invested in the mainland in 1992 to build factories. Co., Ltd., it created a viable FRP yacht factory with about 80 workers. The company built unexpectedly high-quality luxury yachts, its main market is the United States, followed by countries such as Northern Europe. Shanghai Red Double Happiness Yacht Co., Ltd. now has a luxury yacht manufacturing site of 20,000 square meters, Shanghai's Huangpu River shoreline of 193 meters, a plant of 7,000 square meters and a comprehensive building of 1,700 square meters. In order to meet the needs of manufacturing various types of FRP yachts, the company is building large-scale yacht launching facilities.

         In June 2001, the company successfully built the first 42-foot luxury yacht exported to Switzerland. At present, the company has formed three production lines, namely: 42-45 feet yacht production line; 80-86 feet luxury yacht production line; Brig sailing, sailing rowing production line. The technical performance, comfort and luxury of the yachts produced by the company far exceed that of ordinary yachts, and the supporting facilities and internal outfitting grades have reached the international first-class level. After entering the European and American markets, the company's products entered the Australian market not long ago. In short, the development performance of these Taiwan-owned or joint-venture professional yacht companies and their high-quality products have played a good role in promoting the development of the mainland FRP yacht industry and have also improved the export performance of mainland yachts.

        There are more than 260 existing yacht manufacturing plants in China. By the end of 2003, there were nearly 30 production enterprises with an annual output value of more than 10 million yuan, with an annual output value of 1.5 billion yuan. However, we still have a considerable gap compared with foreign yacht companies. There are many problems in yacht design, such as lack of innovation, backward technology, imperfect yacht supporting industry, lack of inspection standards, poor sales channels, and low quality of workers. However, the yacht manufacturing industry is a labor-intensive industry. Due to the low labor cost in China, the yacht manufacturing cost will be much lower than that in developed countries. Under the general environment of the eastward movement of the entire manufacturing industry, as long as Chinese yacht companies seize the opportunity, through the introduction of technology or through direct joint ventures with outstanding foreign companies to set up factories, I believe that China can occupy a place in the world's yacht manufacturing industry in the near future