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Classification And Application Of FRP Resin Storage Tank

Jun 29, 2020

FRP resin storage tanks are divided into vertical storage tanks, horizontal mechanically wound FRP resin storage tanks, transportation tanks, reaction tanks, various chemical equipment, glass resin steel horizontal storage tanks, Vertical storage tanks, transportation tanks, containers and large-scale series of containers, according to the used (storage or transportation) medium, choose epoxy furan resin, modified or polyester resin, phenolic resin as the binder, high corrosion resistance It is composed of lining, impervious layer, fiber winding reinforcement layer and outer surface protection layer.

Excellent physical properties of glass fiber reinforced plastic containers and glass fiber reinforced plastic storage tanks: the specific gravity of glass fiber reinforced plastic is usually 1.8-2.1, which is 1/4-1/5 of steel, and the specific strength is higher than steel, cast iron and plastic. The coefficient of thermal expansion of FRP is roughly equivalent to that of steel, and the coefficient of thermal conductivity is only 0.5% of that of steel.

FRP containers and FRP storage tanks are resistant to chemical corrosion and have a long service life: FRP has special corrosion resistance. When storing corrosive media, FRP shows superiority unmatched by other materials and can withstand a variety of acids, alkalis and salts And organic solvents.

The design flexibility of FRP containers and FRP storage tanks is large, and the structural performance of the tank walls is excellent: fiber-reinforced FRP can change the resin system or the reinforcement material to high-speed FRP storage tanks and non-standard device physicochemical properties to meet the needs of different media and working conditions . Adjust the bearing capacity of the tank body through the thickness of the structural layer, the winding angle and the wall thickness structure and design, and make glass fiber reinforced plastic storage tanks and non-standard devices with different pressure levels or some special properties. This is an isotropic metallic material Compared.

Vertical glass fiber reinforced plastic storage tank, glass fiber reinforced plastic container applicable scope:

FRP containers are widely used in: chemical, petroleum, paper, food, electronics, pharmaceutical, packaging and transportation fields. It is resistant to various acids, alkalis, salts and organic solvents.

Application of FRP storage tank and FRP container:

Acid-resistant storage tank (hydrochloric acid tank, sulfuric acid tank, phosphoric acid tank, nitric acid tank, organic acid tank, fluosilicic acid tank, hydrofluoric acid tank, etc.)

Alkali-resistant storage tank

Brine storage tank, sewage storage tank

Food grade FRP storage tank (FRP vinegar storage tank, FRP vinegar container, FRP soy sauce container, FRP soy sauce storage tank, FRP pure water storage tank, FRP pure water container, etc.)

FRP/PVC (FRP/PVC), FRP/PP (FRP/PP) composite tank