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Classification And Composition Characteristics Of Epoxy Resin Composites

Aug 01, 2020

Taking the epoxy resin casting body as a reference, when the matrix is filled with glass fibers of different volume fractions, the elastic modulus of the composite material sample obtained changes

  The role of each structural unit in the composite material is different. The base is similar to a diaphragm, which can separate the reinforcement, and is mainly used to fix and adhere the reinforcement, and transfer the load to the reinforcement through the interface. The reinforcement is evenly dispersed in the matrix, mainly used to bear the load, reduce the probability of damage to the composite material, improve the performance of the material, and delay its service life.

It can be seen from the above data that when the volume content of glass fiber is 30%, although the elastic modulus of the composite material has increased, the increase is not large. This is mainly because when the number of fibers is small, the stress it bears is relatively Less, and due to the addition of fibers, the original continuous matrix is cut off, and a certain number of defects are formed in the resin, which is not conducive to the increase of elastic modulus. When the fiber volume content is 50%, the elastic modulus increases significantly. This is because when the fiber increases to a certain extent and is evenly distributed in the resin matrix, the fiber better bears the force. Due to the proper interface between the fiber and the matrix, the deformation of the fiber is limited by the matrix, and the fiber prevents the deformation of the matrix, so that the composite material is well strengthened.