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Comparison Of FRP Forming Technology

Jun 19, 2020

FRP is generally produced by FRP resin and fiberglass cloth or chopped strand mat, of which fiberglass cloth and felt are mainly reinforced.

FRP molding technology mainly includes: hand lay-up molding technology, compression molding technology, RTM molding technology, fiber winding molding technology, pultrusion molding technology, etc.

FRP pipes

Hand lay molding is more commonly used in the market today. Because hand lay molding technology is relatively simple and does not need to be constrained by the shape of too many external molds and products, it is especially suitable for large items with many varieties and small production volumes. The compression molding technology is mainly used for articles with large production volume and relatively high size requirements. RTM molding technology is suitable for more demanding composite materials, and higher requirements for production instruments. The fiber winding molding technology mainly uses a winding machine, which is generally used to produce tubes, cans, tubes, etc.

At present, FRP composite materials are more and more widely used in the market, and more and more FRP molding technology is used. It is very important to choose the appropriate production technology to save costs for enterprises.