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Construction Method And Precautions Of Thin-coated Epoxy Resin Floor

Jun 28, 2020

Industry news: grassroots: the surface is smooth and free of impurities, oil and loose materials are removed, the moisture content is not higher than 5%, the concrete strength is above C25, the original ground should be polished before construction . It is required that the ground layer concrete has been implemented as a waterproof and moisture-proof layer, which can effectively prevent ground water from seeping out of the surface. In case of rainy days or when the atmospheric relative humidity is higher than 85%, or the air temperature is below 5℃, construction should be avoided, or other low temperature and humidity resistant products should be used to prevent the paint surface from being bright, white or dry.

       Technological process: base layer treatment → brushing the base oil → batching of the middle coat putty → treatment of the putty layer → topcoat construction

        Primer: Mix and stir according to the requirements of the ratio, and coat it on the surface of the base layer within the specified time. The bottom oil can penetrate into the concrete base layer and ensure that the upper layer material and the base layer are well bonded.

Intermediate coating putty layer: add 500 mesh filler according to the requirements of the scene according to the site conditions, mix and stir evenly, and scrape on the surface of the bottom oil that has been dried within a specified time. (According to the ground conditions, confirm the thickness requirements and choose to implement). Its main function is to fill the uneven areas, adjust the flatness, and ensure the performance of the floor such as wear resistance, pressure resistance, etc.

Topcoat: Mix and mix according to the requirements of the ratio, and coat the surface of the putty layer within the specified time. Make the surface wear-resistant, uniform in color and bright, play a beautiful and dust-free effect.

      This product has flammable ingredients. It should be prevented from collision and away from fire during transportation, storage and construction. In case of fire, do not use water spray to extinguish the fire. Cover with CO2 foam fire extinguisher or dry sand.

This product is easy to corrode the skin. Pay attention to the protection of eyes and skin during handling and application. If it sticks, it should be cleaned with special thinner in time