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Cost-benefit Analysis Of Epoxy Resin Coated Steel Bars

Aug 10, 2020

Epoxy resin coated steel bars can very effectively extend the service life of structures and are gradually being adopted in my country. The use of epoxy resin coated steel bars will increase the cost of raw materials, construction costs, and bonding and anchoring costs. Although the one-time investment increases, the economic and social benefits obtained are even greater.

The improvement of the durability of engineering structures with epoxy resin-coated steel bars has always been a major issue that my country’s engineering community pays great attention to and continues to explore and solve. As the reinforced concrete will inevitably appear some cracks or voids, the steel bars inside will be corroded under the corrosion of salt water and other corrosive media, especially in coastal ports and docks, cross-sea bridges and airports that need to spray salt water to remove ice and snow. It is more serious in highways and other facilities. The scale of scale produced by corrosion on the surface of the steel bar expands dozens of times in volume, causing concrete cracking, peeling off the protective layer, and exposing the steel bar to the corrosive medium to accelerate the corrosion rate of the steel bar. In recent years, due to the corrosion of steel bars, buildings have been destroyed before they reach the designed service life, and even catastrophic consequences have occurred from time to time. Therefore, the protection of steel corrosion has received widespread attention and attention from the engineering community in my country. In 1973, the Pennsylvania Bridge in the United States first used epoxy resin-coated steel reinforcement technology to deal with steel corrosion problems for more than 30 years.

Epoxy-coated steel bars can effectively extend the service life of structures. At present, the technology of epoxy-coated steel bars has been widely adopted in the United States, Japan, Europe, and the Middle East and other countries and regions. The project must use epoxy resin coated steel bars. my country has also adopted this technology for the first time in Beijing after a trial. Therefore, the use of epoxy resin-coated steel reinforcement technology as a method of preventing corrosion of steel reinforcement will also gradually be adopted in my country.

The epoxy resin-coated steel bars will definitely increase the investment cost of the project. Here, a quantitative analysis of the increase in cost will provide a basis for investment decisions.