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Crafts Resin Manufacturing Process

Jun 11, 2020

1. Preparation

   Prepare a bar scale (5 kg scale), seasoning bucket (or plastic pot), mixed rice (or bamboo chopsticks), and small spoon (plastic, aluminum, porcelain spoon);

2. Mixing


According to the size of the mold and the number of products manufactured, the unsaturated resin is weighed out first, (poured) into the seasoning barrel, and then the curing agent is increased by the proportion of (accelerator), and the curing agent is first added to the unsaturated In the resin, mix thoroughly, and then add accelerator to mix. Mix thoroughly and participate in the dilution, (the same mixing) and then add materials according to the required color, (the amount of pigment can be added or subtracted according to the different types, reach the Need to stop the degree, usually a large amount of pigment can be used) When increasing the pigment, use the resin to dissolve the pigment, mix it inside, pour it into the bucket and then mix well, the bottom material will increase after mixing, increase Time should be increased with mixing until it stops. (The prepared mixed slurry should be viscous so that it can flow slowly after being scooped up and down)

Third, the mold


The mold should be flat and flat (in a horizontal condition), the inner mold surface should be clean and clean, so that it can be poured. When pouring, use a small spoon to scoop the slurry slowly, one by one, without pouring, from the highest point to make it flow naturally, so that the bubbles can be squeezed away, otherwise there will be pores behind the product. Note that when pouring into the mold, the periphery of the mold should not be overflowed. After pouring out of the periphery, it should be immediately sorted out and eradicated, otherwise it needs to be processed and polished after molding. After the slurry is poured into the mold, it can be coagulated in 1-2 hours, and it can be demolded after coagulation.

Resin technology manufacturing method

The manufacturing method of unsaturated resin technical products, which includes the following processes:

(1) The mold is made of silicone rubber according to the appearance of the resin technical product;

(2) Join the appropriate filler in the unsaturated resin and mix it evenly;

(3) Before pouring into the mold, join the curing agent and accelerator into the unsaturated resin, mix evenly and then cast into the mold.

(4) After the resin is cured and demolded, you can obtain a technical product in the desired shape. It can be poured in various shapes of simulation technology products at room temperature. Its solid shape is agile, the details are vivid, and the technology is simple.