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Design Basis Of Epoxy Floor And Correct Selection Of Floor Coating

Jun 13, 2020

In order to quickly and accurately select a suitable epoxy resin floor coating and coating system, so that the floor design scheme is optimal in terms of usability, construction, surface appearance and economy, we recommend that the following factors be considered when designing the scheme :

■Use performance requirements

★ Cleanliness requirements

*For places with high cleanliness requirements, self-leveling floors should be used. The higher the cleanliness requirements, the thicker the self-flowing flat layer design.

★ Physical and mechanical performance requirements

*Which vehicles are on the floor during use, how much load do they need to bear, how much impact will they bear, and how much wear will they suffer?

★ Chemical resistance requirements

*The type, concentration and contact time of the chemical media that will be contacted during use (short-term contact, long-term immersion, etc.).

★ Flatness and appearance requirements

*The flatness depends on the condition of the substrate, the thickness of the floor coating and the construction process;

*The thicker the design floor coating, the easier it is to obtain better flatness;

*Adopting self-leveling middle coating and top coating, it is easier to obtain excellent flatness.

★Color design

*The choice of color should consider the function of each area, such as green channel, red prohibited channel and sign, yellow sign line, etc.;

*Places with high cleanliness requirements can choose bright colors (such as green, blue, etc.) to find dust and clean in time;

★ Surface gloss

*Choose high light (≥80%), semi-gloss (30-60%) or matte (≤30%) according to your needs

★Other special requirements

*No pyrophoric requirements;

*Anti-static implementation standards and resistivity requirements.

■Financial budget

*Choose the right variety according to the budget.

■Security requirements

*In slippery places or slopes with oil and water, non-slip floors can be selected.

■Restrictions on construction conditions

*If no solvent volatilization is allowed in the construction site, solvent-free or water-based coating system can be selected;

*Completely close the place without ventilation, considering the safety of the construction personnel, it is better to choose a solvent-free or water-based coating system.