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Detailed Description Of Color Gel Coat

Jul 01, 2020

In order to make the FRP composite material have better protection performance and aesthetics, its surface is usually designed as a resin-rich layer with protective and aesthetic effects, made of unsaturated polyester resin (containing ethylene Base ester resin) cured, this is the gel coat layer. Since the production of glass fiber reinforced plastic products often need to be colored, it is generally added to the gel coat resin pigment paste to make the desired color. However, due to many processes, many influencing factors, and great technical difficulty, it often causes problems such as color unevenness, floating color, flowering, and inconsistency between batches. To facilitate users and improve product quality, resin manufacturers sometimes make colored gel coats directly for users. In short, a colored gel coat is a colored gel coat resin.

        Compared with traditional gel coats, color gel coats are not only simply colored, but also not only one or several performance indicators, but are manifested in stable quality, good process performance and quality assurance of production products, etc. All aspects have brand-new characteristics, in a sense it is a solution.

        Ships-yachts, fishing boats, work boats, small and medium passenger ships, lifeboats, assault boats, etc. Requires good water resistance, impact resistance and good construction performance, high-end yachts also require higher vinyl ester resin; construction-cooling towers, amusement facilities and various structural parts and so on. Requires good water resistance and weather resistance;

        Vehicles-bodywork, compartment panels and vehicle parts, etc. Requires good overall performance, especially impact resistance;

        Kitchen and bathroom-all kinds of kitchen and bathroom washing utensils, such as sinks, sinks, bathtubs, etc., require good water resistance;

        Anti-corrosion-anti-corrosion applications such as petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, etc., require excellent corrosion resistance, and sometimes require higher vinyl ester resin;

        Flame retardant-flame retardant applications such as chemical, textile and rail transportation require excellent flame retardant properties.

In the past ten years, China's glass fiber reinforced plastics industry has developed rapidly, but compared with foreign advanced levels, there is still a high proportion of hand lay-up (up to 70%), product quality, especially poor surface quality and other weaknesses. The application of colored gel coats gives Hand lay FRP brings the help of convenient production process, controllable process, and stable quality improvement, especially greatly improves product quality and stability, improves product grade, and also increases product added value. With the continuous development of my country's glass fiber reinforced plastics industry, the application of colored gel coats will be more and more extensive. In order to improve the quality of our glass fiber reinforced plastic products, it will have a huge impact, and its application prospects will also be very broad