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Detailed Introduction Of Water-based Resin

Jun 04, 2020

    Aqueous resin is a new resin system with water instead of organic solvent as the dispersion medium. Melt with water to form a solution, and after the water evaporates, form a resin mold material. The water-based resin is not a water-based resin itself, but a membrane material obtained after water volatilization.

    Water-based resins include three major categories: water-soluble polymers, super-absorbent resins and water-based coatings, which is a new field of polymer science developed since the 1970s. As it has a series of unique and irreplaceable functions, with the continuous development of scientific research and production, the industrialization of products has now formed an independent industry, which belongs to the category of fine chemicals. Due to the extremely wide range of uses of water-based resins and their extremely high added value, they have been listed as the focus of the development of the chemical industry for many years.

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The classification of water-based resins includes:

1. Cellulose derivatives

2. Modified oil

3. Modified polybutadiene resin

4. Epoxy resin

5. Alkyd resin

6. Amino resin

7. Polyester resin

8. Phenolic resin

9. Acrylic resin

10. Polyurethane resin

11. Silicone resin

12. Organic fluorine resin, etc.

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   Replace the application of solvent-based products in various fields. Waterborne polyurethane is a representative and can be widely used in coatings, adhesives, fabric coatings and finishing agents, leather finishing agents, paper surface treatment agents and fiber surface treatment agents.

 Water-based paint

(1) Architectural decoration includes floor paint, elastic paint, building exterior wall paint, furniture wood paint, water-based interior wall paint (the homogenization of products is serious, product models and performance are similar, there are many similar enterprises. This kind of low in the future Technical products will compete to lower prices.)

(2) Industrial coatings include industrial paints, vehicle paints, anti-corrosion paints, water-based metallic paints, metal surface treatment (polishing); water-based plastic paints (which have a wide range of applications in the field of consumer electronics), etc. There are few domestic enterprises with technology, and most of them are monopolized by international resin giants. In order to consolidate the monopoly position, giants and individual domestic enterprises jointly develop and innovate.)

Water-soluble polymer

    Main applications: petroleum exploration and development, water treatment, papermaking, textiles, coatings, food, daily chemicals, etc.

(1) Adhesive: widely used in high-end furniture, artificial board (corrugated cardboard production), wood processing, leather processing, handicraft processing, decoration and non-metallic materials bonding and other industries.

(2) Sealant: It is widely used in traditional sealants, including automobile, building decoration and other industries. For example, water-based concrete sealant can penetrate into concrete to enhance the sealing, dustproof, wear-resistant and hardening effect of concrete. It is colorless, odorless, non-toxic and non-flammable.

(3) Textile industry: water-based resins are used in the production of synthetic leather, ecological semi-PU luggage leather, sofa leather; ecological water-based foam sofa leather, clothing leather; ecological water-based car interior leather, furniture interior leather; simulation Skin water-based microfiber leather, etc.

(4) Ink: Water-based ink is used in packaging and printing products with strict hygienic conditions such as tobacco, wine, food, beverage, medicine, children's toys and so on.

(5) Petroleum exploitation: admixtures for cementing cement and enhanced oil displacement agents, etc.

 Super absorbent resin

    Main applications: industrial and agricultural, daily life, medical and health, and other fields, used as desiccant, deoxygenation preservative, expanded rubber, medical materials, construction materials, cosmetics, daily chemical supplies, etc.

(1) Daily life: Infant diapers and women's hygiene are the applications of water-absorbing characteristics of superabsorbent resin.

(2) Electric appliance protection: Super absorbent resin is also applied to protect the cable from moisture.

(3) Agriculture: As a water-retaining agent, superabsorbent resin is widely used in agriculture, forestry, horticulture and other fields. It can play the role of water retention, water saving, drought resistance, cost reduction and income increase. It is a new type of agricultural chemical supplies. Revolutionary significance.