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Development And Function Of Glass Fiber Cloth

Jun 20, 2020

 As a new industry, glass fiber has developed rapidly since the reform and opening up. His development and growth are inseparable from its own role. Glass fiber is an artificially made inorganic fiber raw material. Its external surface area is relatively large. Compared with other materials, it has better specific strength and better heat resistance. And physical and chemical stability, and programmability, so it is an indispensable excellent functional data and ecological environment data. It can contribute to the construction of energy-saving, safe and comfortable living environment.

Because the glass fiber and the crafts he made have strong fire resistance, heat insulation, sound absorption, radiation resistance, weather resistance, antibacterial and other characteristics, after processing, they also have a strengthening effect and a sense of fabric. Good compatibility, so it is a new type of construction data. Matching with some other new materials, glass fiber can contribute to a more energy-saving, safe and comfortable living environment for human beings. An innovation in the construction of engineering materials is brewing. The following products are widely used to teach glass fiber:

1. As waterproof material. As a waterproof base material, glass fiber has the characteristics of high waterproof grade, long service life, asphalt saving, and convenient construction.

2. As a country for energy-saving assistance and enhancement materials. A typical exterior wall insulation that is being implemented in shopping malls is a polystyrene board fiberglass mesh polymer mortar system, which uses a large amount of coated fiberglass mesh. Fiberglass mesh is also used at the joints of massive building materials to prevent the coating surface from cracking. Fiberglass mesh can also be used for auxiliary reinforcement such as marble maintenance and mosaic backing.

3. As the construction and decoration materials. After being coated and compounded, glass fiber constitutes a variety of construction and decoration materials, and the main development and application are:

A. Fiberglass wall covering. After treatment, the glass fiber fabric has the characteristics of fireproof, washable, non-corrosive, etc. It has the sense of fabric, beautiful, and good compatibility with various walls and paints, which is convenient for construction and renewal.

b. Light roof information. This information includes tarpaulins made of glass fiber fabric coated with polyvinyl chloride, silicone rubber, polytetrafluoroethylene and other plastics, and is used for roofs of constructions such as bus stops, airports, large sports and exhibition halls, playgrounds, etc. Awning.

C. Glass fiber reinforced colorful plastic plates and artificial leather are used for indoor floor and wall decoration materials, and are also used to enhance indoor sound-absorbing ceiling materials.

d. Pultruded FRP window frame. This is a promising product. It has both the consolidation of steel windows and aluminum windows, and the functions of thermal insulation, energy saving, and sound insulation of plastic steel window frames. It also has the stability of the scale after heating and cooling, and the service life. Strengths.

Fiberglass cloth

Neweco mainly sells and sells Zigong Jiuda glass fiber cloth with many specifications and varieties. It uses glass balls or waste glass as raw materials through high-temperature melting, drawing, winding, weaving and other processes. Glass fiber cloth is usually used as a compound Reinforcement materials in materials, electrical insulation materials and thermal insulation materials, circuit boards, etc.