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Different Types Of Vacuum-introduced Resins Have Different Characteristics

Jun 05, 2020

As a kind of resin material, the vacuum introduction resin is a resin material used in a vacuum processing method, which is a recently developed composite material processing method. These resin materials can also be divided into different categories, and there are different characteristics between them. In the following, we will introduce you in detail.

HS-1101 series

The resins of the HS-1101 series are of the p-benzene type. The pre-promoting, thixotropic and acrylic adhesion of these products are good. FRP reinforced layer suitable for hand lay-up and spray molding of acrylic sanitary ware.

HS-2100 series

The resins of the HS-2100 series are o-benzene type. These products are medium active, pre-promoted, low viscosity, long gel time, contain curing indicator, good wetting with glass fiber, and have good heat resistance , High comprehensive mechanical strength.

HS-2106 series

The resins of the HS-2106 series are ortho-benzene type. These products are pre-promoted, low viscosity, good wettability with glass fiber, and high comprehensive mechanical strength.

HS-4430RT series

The resin of HS-4430RT series is vinyl. It belongs to epoxy bisphenol A type vinyl resin. It has high mechanical strength and toughness, excellent product dimensional stability, and is suitable for RTM and vacuum injection/hand layup/winding and other processes.

In the above, we have listed four different types of vacuum-introduced resins and introduced them in detail in terms of their types, product characteristics and practical applications. I believe that under such an introduction, everyone will know more about vacuum-introduced resin products.