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Epoxy Colored Sand Floor Shines In The Commercial Field

Sep 07, 2020

With the gradual increase in people's health index and living environment requirements, how to improve the environmental protection, decoration and protective performance of exterior wall coatings has become a key subject of enterprise technology research and development. And how to make products more environmentally friendly, more realistic effects, and superior performance is believed to be the goal that domestic and foreign companies continue to pursue. The exterior wall paint is made of highly elastic silicone acrylic emulsion, titanium dioxide additives, etc. In addition to the high performance of conventional high-grade exterior wall latex paint, exterior wall coatings have excellent elasticity, so they can give the coating continuous decorative and waterproof functions. Thanks to the new technology, the coating has excellent stain resistance, breathability and adhesion.

Epoxy colored sand floor decoration art shines in the commercial field. Scope of application: large shopping malls, supermarket channels, exhibition halls, subway pedestrian areas, high-end entertainment venues, commercial buildings, beverage and food testing rooms and laboratories, etc., where epoxy is beautiful, clean, wear-resistant and durable. Floor performance: The colored sand of this kind of floor refers to colored quartz sand (customers can choose different colored quartz sand to determine the color of the floor); after the completion of the floor, the decorative texture is elegant, the colors are bright and rich, and the whole is smooth and seamless , Easy to clean, wear-resistant, pressure-resistant, impact-resistant, corrosion-resistant, non-slip, and mildew-resistant.

Construction process: base treatment: sanding, cleaning and cleaning according to the condition of the plain; epoxy primer: roll coating with high permeability epoxy primer to enhance adhesion; epoxy colored sand layer: lay more than one time according to the thickness selected by the customer Complete the artistic sense of the overall ground, increase the wear resistance and pressure resistance; mechanical leveling: use mechanical equipment to laminate and level the laid epoxy colored sand; epoxy clear paint: evenly coat with epoxy clear trowel once , After completion, the overall ground is smooth and clean, beautiful and natural, and artistic. The magical work of nature has created countless legends and myths that people sigh, and people are using their wisdom minds to develop and use the infinite wealth that nature has given us. Colored sand exterior wall paint has natural colors derived from nature, which not only saves the waste discharge in the process of synthetic paint, but also does not contain solvents, lead, cadmium and other harmful substances to the human body, which is not only beneficial to the safety of painters The protection will reduce the pollution caused by environmental protection.