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Epoxy Phenolic Resin Then Import And Export Of Epoxy Resin In My Country

Jun 13, 2020

      The 2006 China Epoxy Resin Industry Summit Seminar and the 3rd China () International Epoxy Resin Curing Agent Adhesive Application Exhibition are progressing smoothly. This industry event is planned to be held at the Guangda Conference on December 6-8, 2006 Held in the center. Epoxy phenolic resin This exhibition continues to invite domestic and foreign epoxy resin production enterprises, domestic and foreign epoxy resin upstream production enterprises, domestic and foreign epoxy resin downstream users, major domestic and foreign traders, relevant associations and technical experts, third service providers Participants, industry organizations and the industry’s chairman/general manager/director, marketing director/salesperson/purchasing person in charge, project leader/technical expert/scientific researcher, etc., have face-to-face discussions.

   "China has become the world's epoxy resin market", China's epoxy resin has accounted for 1/4 of the world's total epoxy resin. In the epoxy resin market in the world, my country's epoxy resin industry must seize opportunities, strengthen cooperation, strengthen exchanges, strengthen supporting capabilities, and promote the application of "new products, new technologies, new installations, and new uses" for epoxy resins. Make my country a veritable epoxy resin market in the world. In the modernization construction, epoxy resin has become an indispensable chemical material, which is used in various departments of national economy and national defense construction. In recent years, the amount of epoxy resin in my country is increasing at an average annual rate of 25%. In 2001, the total amount of epoxy resin reached about 240,000 tons. As China's modernization construction will focus on the development of pillar industries such as automobiles, energy, transportation, electronics, and construction, it will also enter the large market of world economic development. This will inevitably cause strong demand for epoxy resins. It is estimated that by 2010, only domestic Demand for more than 800,000 tons of epoxy resin.

  The amount of epoxy resin required in the coating industry is currently widely used in water-based coatings, powder coatings and high-solids coatings. How can epoxy resin make epoxy resin play a better role in the adhesive and coating industry? This exhibition will first examine the widespread use of epoxy resins in the adhesive and coating industries in the world. Humans have used adhesives for thousands of years. However, epoxy resin adhesives have only appeared for more than 50 years since about 1950. However, with the advent of various adhesive theories in the middle of the 20th century and the in-depth progress of basic research work such as adhesive interface chemistry, adhesive rheology, and adhesive failure mechanism, epoxy resins have provided The rapid development.

  The application of epoxy resin in composite materials is another highlight of this exhibition. The composite material is a multi-phase system solid material composed of a matrix material and a reinforcement material. It gives full play to the characteristics and potential capabilities of each component material. Through the reasonable matching and synergy of each component, it presents excellent new properties that the original single material (homogeneous material, single-phase material) does not have, so as to achieve Comprehensive requirements for certain properties of materials. The appearance of composite materials has epoch-making significance in the history of material development. Received great attention at home and abroad. Its rapid development is unprecedented in history. It has been widely used in various fields such as industry, agriculture, transportation, military, science and technology and people's life. Especially in aviation, aerospace and other cutting-edge technology fields, it has become an indispensable important structural material. No wonder some people think that the 21st century will enter the "composite era." How can epoxy resin be better applied in composite materials?

   in the construction industry has become the focus of epoxy resin applications. The performance characteristics of epoxy resin determine its broad application prospect compared with solvent-based or solvent-free epoxy resin. At present, the application of water-based epoxy resins in construction includes the following aspects: high-strength concrete; grouting material;; concrete binder; cement substrate sealing agent; interface treatment agent; floor coating, etc. How can the epoxy resin be more effectively applied in the construction industry? The exhibition will focus on discussion.

   The exhibition will also study the development trend of epoxy resin in the world. With the expansion of the application field of epoxy resins, enterprises in the industry should highlight their characteristics in the development, actively develop new varieties, cultivate new growth points of benefits, and realize the diversification of products and the wide application. Based on the strong pattern of international crude oil, epoxy resins and their raw materials have basically determined their future trends. How will we face the development trend of epoxy resin in the world? The global epoxy resin industry achieved gratifying growth last year. The epoxy phenolic resin epoxy resin market will continue to grow steadily in 2006. So what is the import and export situation of epoxy resin in my country? According to the China Epoxy Resin Industry Association (experts will analyze the import and export data of epoxy resins. At the same time, it will communicate on the upstream and downstream enterprises of oxygen resins to further accelerate the development of the epoxy resin industry in China and effectively strengthen the international epoxy resin. The exchange and cooperation of the resin industry actively promotes the continuous and healthy development of the epoxy resin consumer market in China, and builds a trade platform for the global epoxy resin supply and demand sides that integrates full display, communication and cooperation, and guides the industry's development correctly. Trend, epoxy phenolic resin strives to make the event an outpost for publishing industry news.

2006 China Epoxy Resin Industry Summit Seminar, 2006 3rd China () International Epoxy Resin, Curing Agent and Adhesive Application Exhibition Time: December 6-8, 2006, Venue: Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center International Hotel Yun 7th Hall (Meeting Room on the first floor), Address: Block A, 1st Floor, No. 1, Lane 99, Hongcao South Road, Postcode: 200233, Wire, Fax, Website:, Email: Contact: Cai Liming, Telephone:

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