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Epoxy Resin Ab Glue Application Jewelry Pouring

Jul 31, 2020


◆ Moderate viscosity, low odor, good defoaming, easy to operate

◆ After curing, the transparency and permeability are good, the surface is smooth and bright, high temperature and low temperature resistance, good yellowing resistance, good adhesion

◆ Suitable for label coating and packaging

【Product Appearance and Features】

◆ Agent A: colorless transparent viscous body

◆ Agent B: colorless transparent liquid

◆ Viscosity (40℃, cps): Agent A: 200-400, Agent B: 20-150

◆ Ratio: A: B=100:50 or 100:33

◆ Shelf life: A agent: 6 months, B agent 6 months

【Product performance】

◆ Usable time (25℃, min): ≥30

◆ Curing conditions: 25℃×12-24H or 60℃×1-2H

◆ Hardness (25℃, D): ≥80

◆ Light transmittance: ≥97%

◆ -30℃-80℃ cold and hot cycle (12H, times): ≥30

[Notes when using]

1. Material A may thicken when the weather is cold. To facilitate operation, it is recommended to preheat it to 60℃×2 hours before use;

2. When mixing and using, please follow the specified mixing ratio and weigh accurately, and use up as soon as possible after mixing A and B materials. If the mixture is left for too long, it will affect the use process and product quality;

3. Try to use a round barrel for the mixing container. The wall of the barrel should be smooth. During the mixing process, the wall and bottom of the barrel should be scraped to ensure the uniformity of mixing;

4. The usable time after mixing A and B has a lot to do with the temperature and mixing volume after mixing. The higher the temperature, the larger the mixing volume and the shorter the usable time. Therefore, the mixing temperature and mixing volume should be operated according to the site determine;

5. This product is safe and non-toxic after curing, but the uncured epoxy resin and curing agent have varying degrees of irritation to the human body, so try to avoid direct contact with the human body. If contact with curing agent causes skin irritation, soak in 1% acetic acid dilute solution for 15-30 minutes to neutralize the curing agent amine. If necessary, ask a doctor to check and treat; if it accidentally splashes into the eyes, wash with plenty of water for 15 minutes Above, please check and treat with a doctor if necessary;

6. When cleaning, it is best to use acetone or alcohol first, and then wash it with soap and water.