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Epoxy Resin Floor Shall Not Be Constructed Under 5℃

Jun 03, 2020

Epoxy resin floor is used as a very ground coating material and has been applied in many industries.

Relevant departments issued new regulations on winter construction of construction projects this year. According to the regulations, if the construction site does not have winter construction conditions, indoor and outdoor plastering, floor tiles, epoxy floor paint and other wet operations are not allowed to be constructed.

Within 5 consecutive days, the average daily outdoor temperature is below 5℃, indicating that the construction period of the construction project has entered the winter period, which is what we usually call the winter period. The winter time of each area is different. There are generally 5-6 months of winter construction period in the northeast of the northeast, while the winter construction period in the southern area is generally only 1-2 months or even no construction winter period at all. In the winter period, it is necessary to take winter construction measures, organize relevant admixtures and thermal insulation materials to enter the site in advance, build heating stoves, mixing stations, lay pipelines, heating equipment, etc. to prevent construction projects from being damaged by freezing. In industrial flooring industry, generally speaking, epoxy resin floor paint and concrete curing agent have certain construction temperature requirements. If the temperature is lower than 5 ℃, it is not suitable for epoxy resin floor paint and concrete curing agent. Construction, especially epoxy floor paint, if the temperature is too low will cause the floor paint coating to become soft, peeling, whitish, and the project quality cannot be well guaranteed. Therefore, when the temperature is too low, try not to apply floor paint construction, so as not to affect the quality of the project, if you really need to hurry, you can take corresponding insulation measures to create winter construction conditions