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Epoxy Resin Is Composed Of Compounds With Reduced Oxygen Groups And Polyvalent Hydroxyl Compounds

Aug 01, 2020

Epoxy resin is a product made by polycondensation of a compound with a reduction group and a polyhydroxy compound (bisphenol A, polyol, polyacid, polyamine). It is suitable for a variety of molding processes and can be formulated into different formulas. The adjustable viscosity range is large and the storage life is long. It does not release volatiles during curing, and the curing shrinkage rate is low. The cured product has excellent dimensional stability and good The heat resistance, humidity resistance and high insulation. However, due to its brittle curing material, low crack resistance and impact resistance, its application has been limited. If epoxy resin is used as the matrix, and different reinforcing materials are added to make different composite materials, the performance can be greatly improved. Because of its excellent performance, low cost, and early research, the application of glass fiber is already at a relatively mature stage. In this paper, a unidirectional composite panel is prepared by compounding continuous glass fiber and epoxy resin, and the related mechanical properties of composite materials are studied, which provides a theoretical basis for the further application and performance improvement of such composite materials.