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Epoxy Resin Is Used In High Transparent Diamond Crystal Crafts

Jul 31, 2020

Features of Crystal Diamond Epoxy:

Crystal Diamond Epoxy is an epoxy resin cured under normal temperature and heating conditions. It has low viscosity, good leveling, natural defoaming, yellowing resistance, high transparency and no ripple, bright surface, good temperature resistance, suitable for normal temperature Heat curing. It is specially used for the insulation, moisture-proof potting and confidentiality sealing of crystal diamonds, handicrafts, glue, badges, high-grade resin characters and other electronic parts.


Product advantages

Crystal Diamond Epoxy is a high-transparent resin glue. The surface is high gloss and resembles high imitation crystal. There is no water ripple when the flat glue is applied. The natural defoaming speed is very fast. It can reach the gel without bubbles in 5 minutes. The current competitive advantage in the crystal glue market is the yellowing resistance time of this crystal glue. After rigorous testing, it can withstand yellowing for 3 years indoors and 20 months outdoors.


Product Usage:

This crystal glue is very versatile, not only for crystal diamond glue, because of its high transparency and high fluidity, it can also be used for crafts, glue, badges, high-grade resin characters and other electronic parts insulation, Moisture-proof potting, confidential sealing, etc.

Conditions of use of crystal glue:

 1) Mixing ratio: A: B=100: 33 (weight ratio)

 2) Hardening conditions: 25℃×8H-10H or 70℃×1H(2g)

 3) Available time: 25℃×60min(100g)